Business Deck

What is it?

Your Business Deck is a collection of professional documents that you can use for official business needs. It includes editable templates for three kinds of assets – a business proposal, invoice and letterhead – which all come as DOTX files that are available for immediate download. The Business Deck can be opened with Microsoft Word or Google Drive.

Each of the documents is branded with your logo and brand color palette. All of the elements within the templates are separate for optimal editing, so you can easily customize every document like you would with a regular Microsoft Word document, and edit to your liking.

When you’re ready to use your Business Deck in action, all of the items can be printed with your home computer or sent as files. And, these documents can be duplicated and reused as needed, keeping your small business on-brand no matter what you do!

Why do I need it?

Your brand should be taken seriously, and using professional-looking documents to conduct business is a big part of making that happen. Whether through business correspondence, requested payment for goods and services, or pitching your ideas to someone else, your Business Deck allows you to promote yourself in the professional world and build a positive reputation for your brand.

Where can I find it?

Go into your My Brand page.

Under “Brand Assets,” you’ll see your Business Deck on the far right side of the page. Click on it!

This will take you into the Library, which is where your brand assets are stored. Here, you should see a page titled “Business Decks” with a rectangle showing an image of several documents.

Click the red Download button. You should now have access to the three documents, all available in your downloads! As mentioned above, you can edit and customize these documents to suit your business needs.

Here’s a bit more about what you get in each document:

Business Proposal – This template has ten different pages, all of which containing varied layouts, images and text configurations (with Lorem Ipsum filler text for you to replace with your own).

Invoice – This is a template you can use to bill customers or clients. There are preset columns for listing items for which you’re billing, as well as a column designated for the total costs incurred. And, the header is set up in a way that makes it easy to add your business’s contact information.

Letterhead – This is a template for writing any professional letter. The header contains space for an address, while the body text has suggestions for how to best format your letter to keep it looking professional.