Vector/EPS File

What is it?

A vector file, or EPS file, is the “printer-friendly” version of your logo. These high-resolution files are extremely versatile and complex, which makes them ideal for offline printing, as they can be resized again and again without losing the quality of the image! They are of higher quality than JPEG and PNG versions of your logo, so if you want to print your logo on anything from a booklet to a billboard, your vector image is the thing to use.

For those familiar with Illustrator, an EPS file is the equivalent of the AI version of your logo. The file can be downloaded immediately, and you can open it with any advanced design software, such as:

  • Adobe Sketch
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Inkscape (Free)
  • BoxySVG (Free)

This way, you have full control if you want to make any temporary edits to your logo!

Here is an example of the Karen’s Coffee Shop EPS:

Why do I need it?

While PNG and JPG files are great for online use, most printers will ask for an EPS file of your logo to use on tangible, offline products. If you’re thinking about making t-shirts, pens, pins, or any product with your logo, an EPS file will allow the printer to increase or decrease the size of your logo without degrading the quality of the logo design.

Where can I find it?

Go into your My Brand page.

Under “Brand Assets,” you should see Print Size Logo, which is the second asset from the left. Click on it!

You will be taken into your Library, which is where your different brand assets are stored. Here, you should see a page titled “Vector EPS,” with a rectangle showing an image of your logo.

Click the red Download button.

You are now ready for offline printing! You can access your EPS file at any time in your downloads.

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