Holiday Logos

What is it?

Also referred to as “Seasonal Logos,” Holiday Logos are files containing variations of your logo – dressed up in holiday attire! Whenever there is a major or minor holiday coming up, you can go into this tool and access several decorated versions of your logo. The tool updates on an ongoing basis, so you never have to miss a holiday branding opportunity.

Seasonal logos use a default layout and font, while adding a holiday touch that keeps your logo current and trendy. This allows you to periodically change your logo according to the times, and make sure your brand stays relevant no matter the occasion.

Why do I need it?

Celebrations are the best times to brand, and holidays are no exception! Seasonal logos let you brand according to any holiday that could help you convert customers, from Christmas to National Pizza Day. This gives your business an opportunity to target your audience in a personalized way that they can relate to. By including these seasonal logos in your branding arsenal, you can add variety to your campaigns and keep your online presence fun and original.  

Where can I find it?

Go into your My Brand page.

Scroll down until you see the “Brand Tools” section. Your Holiday Logos should be the fifth option from the left. Click on it!

This will take you into a new window within your Library, where you will see a page titled Seasonal Logos. Now, all you have to do is click “Download,” and you should have the latest holiday designs waiting for you.

Note: If there isn’t a holiday rounding the corner, then you may not see any available Holiday Logos – but don’t worry! Your branding tools are always up-to-date, so there will be new designs in your toolbox as soon as the next holiday comes along. Check back then!

In the meantime, take a look at how Karen’s Coffee Shop celebrated Thanksgiving:

Happy holidays, and happy branding!