What is it?

Your presentation is a standard PowerPoint presentation that has been converted into a personalized, branded one! It comes with thirteen slides that are useful for any presentation, whether that’s an in-house meeting, a product reveal or an investment pitch.

Each slide is pre-designed with your logos and brand colors, so you can stay on-brand no matter the information being presented. And, every element within the slides is a separate object, so you can copy and paste, change sizes and colors, delete, and make whatever other changes you need.

You can download the slides at a moment’s notice, and edit them the same as you would with any PowerPoint presentation. 

Why do I need it?

You want to show the world that your business is the expert in its industry, and maintaining a professional look across the board is part of creating that image. From in-house business meetings with your staff to sharing information at trade shows or schools, a branded presentation promotes authority and expertise.

Additionally, most of the work has been done for you already, as the slides come pre-formatted for all types of presentations; all you have to do is switch out our content for your own!

Where do I get it?

Go into your My Brand page.

Under “Brand Assets,” you should see Presentation, which is the fourth asset from the left.
Click on it!

This will take you into the Library, which is where your brand assets are stored. Here, you will see a page titled Presentations, with a rectangle showing a mockup of a PowerPoint slide.

Click the red Download button.

Now, you can open your presentation in PowerPoint from your downloads.

As mentioned above, you can edit and customize these documents to suit your business needs. Note that each slide comes with tips and suggestions for how they are best used, including recommendations of the right type of content for the different sections!

Here’s a bit more about some of the slides in your presentation and what you can do with them:

Bullet slide: Make a statement or claim with bullet points to back it up.

Text slide: Your most important statement goes here, with room to elaborate underneath.

Numbers slide: These metrics should pack a punch, whether they describe the clients you’ve satisfied or startup capital you’ve raised.

Pricing slide: Do you sell products, services or plans? Here’s the place to show them off, with room for explanation below the dollar amount.

Image slide: Use this to tell a story with visual content.

Product slides: These slides are where you get into the meat of individual products you offer, with an image of each product and the text that explains why it’s so successful.

Team slides: Give credit where it’s due! If you have a team, show them off with their headshots and bios.

Contact slide: Finish up your presentation with all of your contact information, so your audience knows how to find you in the future.


Now, you’re ready to present! You can download your presentation template at any time, so you can create and save as many as you need to get your messages heard.