Top 10 Must-Know Branding Terms for Every Business Owner

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July 16, 2017
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Top 10 Must-Know Branding Terms for Every Business Owner

Thursday The 13th of July 

Whether you have a game changing idea for a business or you recently started your own operation you are probably wondering how to get the word out? How can you convert all of those potential customers into loyalists and advocates for your business? There’s a whole lotta jargon out there: advertising, branding, media, online presence, KPIs, asset, design – the list goes on and on. Don’t sweat it, we are here to help!

Here are the top ten branding terms broken down into easy to understand explanations so you can stop worrying and start getting your business off the ground:


The Logo

A logo is the “bread and butter” of Tailor Brands and the very core of your business. A logo is a design element that incorporates a recognizable symbol or word which helps represent a brand. Logos are made up of text and/or images and allow consumers to quickly discern the personality and nature of your business. A good logo is memorable, easy for the consumer to understand, unique and provides a clue into what your brand is all about. Thousands of business owners have used our logo maker to create beautiful and memorable logo’s that stand get their businesses noticed.

Brand Logo by Tailor Brands

Brand Identity

It is a common misconception that a company’s brand is just its logo. Although a logo is extremely important, each business has a brand identity which helps represent the company to the rest of the word. A brand identity is composed of the following elements: a logo, tone, font type, color, voice and more. You can shape your company’s identity based on how you communicate with consumers and what messages you put into the marketplace.


Color Scheme

A color scheme or palette is a combination of colors that a business chooses to represent their brand. This color palette is incorporated on all branding assets such as: advertising, packaging, website, business cards, etc. These colors are chosen based on the feelings or reputation that a company wants to embody. For instance, the Tailor Brands logo is red to capture attention, prove passion for our work and excite our audience.

Plutchik's Wheel of Emotion


An icon is a symbol (typically part of a brand’s logo) which can represent a concept, idea, operation or action related to your brand. Icons help consumers remember your brand and associate imagery with your business. Think of the McDonald’s “golden arches” – this symbol is universally-known and immediately influences customers to associate the icon with this famous fast-food chain.


Brand Aesthetics

This refers to the look and feel of your brand. Aesthetics include the entire image that your brand exudes and it’s personality. These elements range from: color scheme, font, style, etc. Tailor Brands’ aesthetics include: the red we use in our icon, our font type, our logo’s layout and our icon’s symbol.



A touchpoint is the place that a consumer comes into any form of contact with the brand. There are many possible touchpoints and can include (but are not limited to): conversations with customer support, interactions with your social media channels, experiences with your site and the purchasing funnel. In terms of your social presence, we offer a Social Planning tool that helps you develop original social posts so you can keep your brand’s voice active and relevant.



This term is generally considered interchangeable with font but typeface is actually a font family. Your brand is typically composed of two or more “font families” that help express your business and convey your company’s personality. These typefaces or families are composed of a set of fonts in different weights and styles that complement each other well.


Vector File

“What is a vector file?” is a commonly asked question by our users and the explanation is quite straight-forward. A vector file or EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) is a scalable file used by designers to create any type of graphic. This file is composed of points, lines, shapes and curves rather than pixels. Due to their extreme flexibility, vector files can be easily resized and stretched which makes them the perfect file for printing on just about anything!



A trademark is considered a word, phrase, symbol, or design that a business can add to your branding material that shows your company is unique and different from competitors. Trademark symbols added to logos must be formally registered with a government office. If this is something that interests you, take a look at your local country’s trademark laws and consult a lawyer to begin the process.


Brand Book

A brand book is a manual (whether physical or online) that keeps track of a company’s branding assets. This book explains how your brand aesthetics should be used any time your brand is mentioned or new marketing materials are created. Brand books help inform all employees and designers how to utilize your logo, assets, fonts, colors and maintain a consistent brand voice. With our Premium Plan, you will receive an online and easily shareable brand book that breaks down all elements of your brand and how to effectively use your assets to stay aligned with your brand’s personality.