10 Effective Steps to Promote Your Business Online for Free

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May 30, 2018
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10 Effective Steps to Promote Your Business Online for Free

Monday, 4th of June 2018

If you have finally launched an own business on the Internet it’s great that you are already looking up for the ways to promote it. It’s an obvious thing, that there are marketing agencies offering plenty of services, but as the rule, good promotion costs no less than an arm and a leg. But what if we tell you, that it is possible to advertise for free?

It does not matter whether you want to save up money or take a challenge to buster the myths about expensive promotion, there is anyway a bunch of solutions that would 100% work effectively for this purpose. Of course, they often say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It is a wide-spread though – if you want something done well you should pay well. In many cases it’s true, but indeed marketing agencies use the same promotion ways, so why not try to use them yourself and not spend even a penny?

We are going to share the most effective ways to market your business on the Internet. All of them are absolutely free in terms of monetary payment, however, it requires many efforts, time and dedication to make them work in a proper way. So, if you are inspired and filled with enthusiasm to start this endeavor, here are the most effective ways for your attention.

“Know who you are, and focus.

Always remember what your company stands for.

1. Optimize your website for search engines

A high search engines ranking is already a half of success. First of all, you have to take care about how to submit your website to different Search engines. Services like EntireWeb will be very useful for this approach. Yet your platform’s ranking is still far from the high point, so you should start learning some basic SEO rules. Indeed, there is a lot of useful info on the web as well as free ebooks like SEO foundations for small business owners where you can get some information on how to raise your website’s SEO.


2. Start a blog

A blog is a great way to stream news, announcements, articles or any other relevant information. That’s how you can whet your audience’s appetite for your company’s services and to the related niche in general. First and foremost, create a blog logo to reflect your company and it’s style.  If optimized well, pages can have a quite high ranking in search engines what automatically makes your website more popular. By the way, if you there are plenty of ready-made WordPress blog themes that already include YOAST SEO in their packages. This tool will be extremely helpful for pages optimization when you are running a website on the WordPress engine.

3. Stream Press-releases

Don’t hesitate to announce your business news to your audience. It may seem too simple, but indeed when people see that the company keep on constantly bringing in improvements it starts gaining a good reputation. There are many powerful resources you can use for streaming press-releases, for example, PRLog and 24-7pressrelease.


4. Involve Social Media

It is as clear as the day that in modern environment Social Media works better than TV ads. It would be a right solution to attach Social Media sharing plugins to your website so that your customers could spread your services and news in the social account just with one button click. Moreover, it is possible to adjust advertising campaigns to Instagram via your corporate Facebook accounts, create a direct channel with your customers on Twitter and even develop a Youtube channel and grab the new clients on all hands. LinkedIn also works perfectly, especially for B2B companies. It allows to create your own network and connect with the relevant people. At long last, arrange a Social Media giveaway, it is really the best way to draw the attention to your brand.

5. Adjust Video

Let’s now talk more about YouTube and other multimedia platforms. The big advantage of using this option is that you are free to add as many promotional videos as you wish. Moreover, it allows commenting what is quite helpful when you wish to trace your audience’s likes and preferences. But the major key to succeeding in this direction is to add materials that people want to view and that are related to your business niche in general. It is also important to make it in the most creative way not to get people bored to tears while watching.

6. Use Email marketing

The first thing you must think about at this point is integrating an email newsletter subscription form to your website and starting to collect users’ email data. When all preparations are done, you can register a free account at MailChimp and start distributing news, offers and other info to your subscribers. But keep in mind that being too promotional may case the audience unsubscribe, so you have to be careful with the information you spread with this tool.

7. Contribute to forums, blogs and discussions

It’s one of the most effective ways of marketing. Search on the Internet for forums, blogs, and even social media discussions related to your business niche and leave comments under the topics and questions, mentioning your brand name. In order to get a status of the reliable company use this tip as often as you can but remember that comments should be quite natural and really helpful to others.


8. Add Guest posts

There are a lot of blogging platforms that are willing to accept articles from guest authors, like Lifehacker, Medium, and even Forbes. The list can continue without end. However, all of them are willing to accept qualitative and unique content under an extremely catching subject. That is why you before you decide to contribute you have to work out the writing and research skills to be able to win editors’ favour.

9. List in Online Directories

Most probably you have heard about Yelp, Yell and perhaps other specific directories. Try to search for some more relevant platforms and ensure that your business is submitted to them. Try to be not too spammy at this step.


10. Engage with Social Influencers

Influencer marketing presupposes the promotion through other bloggers’ accounts with a big amount of active followers. This campaign is not always free, since popular bloggers may request some payments for the ads, however, you can always negotiate the terms and offer, for example, the services or products from your brand for free in exchange. The more influencers you attract the higher popularity and trust you gain. For this option reviews work well, so you can search for influencer in Social Media like YouTube and Instagram.

Final words

The promotion of business is a real challenge, especially when you work yourself on spreading your brand. And do not underestimate the power of free advertising. It seems irrational to pass through these methods particularly if you have just started your business and do not get much income yet. It is a big money save and moreover, it’s a great experience in marketing niche that can be quite helpful for you in future. Just remember that it is not something to pick up from the list, but it will work well when combined.

Article by Helen Miller

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