10 Innovative Ways to Rethink Business Cards

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August 2, 2016
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Why You Should Think About Watermarking Your Images
August 9, 2016

10 Innovative Ways to Rethink Business Cards

Business cards are seemingly a staple for anyone involved in the business world, giving anyone a quick way to connect and network with other individuals.

Providing the valuable details of a business or organization, there are industries devoted to business card design and fulfillment (hey, we’re guilty of this too, and offer business card designs in our Design Studio service), but there are other really great uses for a business card size worth of information with your logo on it.

Let’s face it, in many cases, business cards are not the most exciting rectangle of informational tidbits, but there are many ways to create value in these tiny cards.

Business Cards: A New Face For a Familiar Object

We’re highlighting ten different ways that you can use business cards to help your brand or project beyond the traditional business card usage:

Save the date cards for appointments or meetings 

Appointment card example

Reminder Cards

Gift cards for your product or service

Gift card example

Small Business Gift Card

Create tags to attach to your products with twine or ribbon 

Example of a product tag

Small Product Tags

A thank-you note to tuck into purchases 

Example of a product thank you card

Thank You Card

Coupons to be redeemed for a product or service 

Example of a coupon card

Coupon Cards

Mini-flyers to promote sales and specials to be displayed in other places 


Dance Invitation Card

Loyalty cards for those that frequent your establishment 

Loyalty card for small businesses

Customer Loyalty Cards

Save the date cards for any kind of event 

Small save the date cards

Wedding Save the Date Cards

Entrance to a raffle, promotion, or other competition 

Example of a contest card

Smile Contest

Ticketing for an event that you are involved with 

Ticket to an event

Event Ticket

Worried about your business cards going to waste? It’s an understandable fear. How many times have you purchased a large batch of business cards in a thick stock only to change information, change a job, or overestimate the amount of times you’re handing out a card at events?

While you may be able to save a couple of dollars purchasing 5,000 business cards over 500, think about how often you may need to change that information or add details to your card. Is it 5,000 cards worth?

Even if you hand out two cards per day, 500 will allow you to update details annually. 5,000 cards? Well, you’re looking at over six and a half years between information upgrades. Printing smaller and more often nearly always makes sense for a smaller brand’s business card needs!

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