30 Small Brands Anyone Can Learn From

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October 18, 2016
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October 25, 2016

30 Small Brands Anyone Can Learn From

A few months ago, we launched an objective to show that branding is not solely for large businesses and that anyone with a great idea can brand themselves. The team at Tailor Brands made a gigantic (no, seriously, it was huge) list of businesses, brands, and companies that were on our radar, ranging from two employees onwards. To make this more impressive, we whittled down the list to only businesses under 50 people, meaning that for many industries, these are considered to be very small businesses. So, looking at business ranging from 2-50 people, we narrowed it even further, down 30 that are doing something really great and unique that any other small business would be able to mimic without a significant financial strain.

What Is Branding?

Branding is more than your logo design. We sell you a logo from our logo maker, and numerous products that go along with your logo (business cards, presentations, social headers, and more), but a logo design is really only one part of branding. It is the graphic symbol that, as a whole, represents a brand.

Your brand is the essential values and attributes of your business that you base your sales and marketing efforts off of. Think of marketing as a specific campaign. For example, Nike uses retro shoes as part of their marketing efforts, releasing limited edition styles to help bolster their profits, but if Nike stopped releasing limited-edition versions of these shoes, the brand would remain the same. Their retro marketing campaign differs from the Nike brand as it exists now. The brand of any business is the logo, the visual identity, and content, storytelling, messaging, customer experience, reputation, promise, and more that guides the business’s endeavors.

What makes our list of 30 brands special? As lesser-known and smaller businesses, they don’t solely use the tried-and-true tactics of larger businesses, nor do they have millions of advertising dollars to be spending on campaigns to get the word out. These companies use innovative methods and unconventional strategies in defining their brand, regardless of their size as a company.

Use our 30 hand-picked small brands to learn from and leave inspired about the numerous ways you can define your brand and grow your business, no matter how small you are! Check out who is featured here – 30 Small Brands Anyone Can Learn From!