7 Books Any Small Business Owner Should Read

Blog Header Image "Brandophobia: How No Branding Became Good Branding"
Brandophobia: How No Branding Became Good Branding
June 23, 2016
Blog Header Image " Creating a Perfectly Branded Website For Your Small Business"
Creating a Perfectly Branded Website For Your Small Business
July 7, 2016

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7 Books Any Small Business Owner Should Read


We know that choosing your logo, colors, social media presence, brand voice, and more can be stressful when you’re trying to differentiate yourself and your brand. Your business is a reflection of your values and passions, and it’s clear that you want to be sure that your brand development is done right! Likely, you’ve searched online for advice, words of encouragement, and words from experts that have devoted their lives to building and maintaining successful brands. We’re taking it a step further here, and introducing you to seven books that we love and have helped us define Tailor Brands more and more.

Books That Can Help You Define Your Brand

Brandstorm: Surviving and Thriving in the New Consumer-Led Marketplace

There are more brands in existence now than ever before, allowing small businesses and startups access to success but threaten a lot of brands that have then their time to develop a brand over time. Suggestions are made for creating a meaningful brand, not just simply a brand.

Hello, My Name Is Awesome

Choosing a name for your small business may seem easy, but in actuality should be a little difficult. Instead of choosing any name that works, taking a second to find value, meaning, and how the brand resonates with others will provide the most name value. From beginning to the end, a great name can help to prop a business up while a poor name can be a brand’s downfall.

Buyology: Truth and Lies About Why We Buy

Everyone makes purchases, but little do we think about why we purchase the things that we do. This book presents the results of a neuromarketing survey that examined how 2,000 different brains reacted to different aspects of branding and brands. With inside stories about how and why we react to certain companies, this book provides deep insight into the act of purchasing.

Designing Brand Experiences

Having your brand noticed is a competitive endeavor nowadays, especially when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization). This means that creativity and comprehension are keys to a brand’s success. A visual look at developing brand experiences while providing ideas about creative branding and reading insights from some of the creative directors of the most successful brands out there.

Designing Brand Identity

This is your toolkit for developing, building, and maintaining your brand, from logo inception to strategy over a five-year period. Not only is this a guide, but suggestions are backed up with case studies that show the reasons why these branding strategies work. Serious about your brand? Start here.

How Brands Become Icons

There are some brands that once you say their name they come to mean more than their products. These, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and more have become cultural icons. This book examines how these once small businesses became cultural icons and how each of these companies took branding a step further from “branding” to “cultural branding” to achieve notoriety.

The Culture Engine

As part of building your brand, you need to be considering how to define an organization’s culture to engage and perform not only with anyone that works for you but anyone that engages with you as well. Thinking about the values of the company or brand when it begins, and writing them down, can help develop meaningful brand experiences for all. With many brands taking the time to write down their values, this guide is a great place to begin this.

The development of your brand takes time and consideration. Take advice from some people that have not only been there but have studied many of the most successful brands of our time and what has made them work!

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