7 Ways to Brand Your Business

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7 Keys to Branding Your Business

Wednesday, 6th of September 2017

You’ve finally started your business and are ready to open your doors to the world. Only one problem remains; how do you get people to the door? One of the most important components necessary to create an audience for your company is getting the word out. You can easily achieve this by creating a strong and easily recognizable brand. The question is where to get started with branding? There are several various factors to consider and decisions to make that will be crucial down the line.

It may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Creating a powerful brand is a matter of organization and making the correct calls at the right moment. Developing the perfect corporate image can be easy if you know where to get started. Here are 7 ways you can kick-start your branding efforts and build a powerful concept.

“Discover the best insights and strategies to kick your company’s branding efforts into high gear and create a powerful identity for your business.”

Decide Who Your Audience Will Be

A major obstacle many companies run into when creating a brand is trying to appeal to everyone all the time. Reaching a broad audience is decidedly an important goal, but it can become problematic when it causes you to lose sight of what your company does. An extreme sports company is not necessarily interesting for retirees, and should not necessarily focus on that market. Instead, the first step towards creating a brand is finding the audience who will be most interested and likely to use your products or services. Conducting market research, understanding your offering, and grasping your audience’s interests are vital to establish a unique and memorable brand.

Create a Timeless Logo

The idea that a first impression means everything may seem cliché, but is nonetheless an unavoidable reality in the business world. With an endless range of choices for consumers, companies that don’t stand out from the pack instantly risk being shuffled into obscurity. Most people judge companies in one glance, suggesting that an appealing and informative logo can make the difference between a conversion and a lost customer. Logos can be infused with a company’s values and successfully communicate their message with the subtlest features. The best-known brands in the world have logos that are instantly recognizable and attributable. Today, creating a logo with a powerful image is made simple thanks to online tools that craft unique and tailored logos.

Create a Brand Style

A logo is a great start, but is only the first step in a process that concludes with a well-rounded and defined brand. Once you have your initial image, you can start identifying the subtle and not-so-subtle details that will form the structure for your branding choices moving forward. A brand style covers several areas, from design to placement and audience. Creating a brand book is a terrific way to streamline this process considering it is designed to cover and clarify many of these decisions. Everything from the color palettes your brand should incorporate, to places where it can be displayed, and even how it should be presented will be codified for any marketing campaigns moving forward.

Put Your Mark on Your Business Materials

Communicating with your customers is important, but many businesses forget that they must also interface with a variety of vendors, suppliers, and partners. One straightforward way to start off your branding efforts is by incorporating the brand in business materials and communications that are regularly shared with these entities. This includes business cards, which are your personal first impression, presentations, letterheads, and even materials for distribution to potential investors. By crafting a cohesive and well-defined image, your brand will get a strong boost and help generate a meaningful association to your message in people’s minds.

Be Social With Your Brand

Social media is a major asset for branding. In the past, getting the word out involved thousands of dollars and months of waiting for print media. Today, a well-placed social media post can reach millions of people in seconds. However, simply shooting out posts is a double-edged sword. To enhance your brand, your posts should always follow a similar style and be clearly branded. This includes images, the language you use, and other elements you have already determined with your style guide. By using social media, you can expand your brand’s reach exponentially.

Plan Your Branding Efforts

To get the most from your social media and marketing efforts, planning these efforts in advance is the most effective strategy. Improvising posts and campaigns only works for so long and takes a surprising amount of resources and time away from other activities. Instead, write all your messages and tweets beforehand, and know when they are meant to be posted and where. By scheduling your strategies, you can better track their success and adjust as needed instead of constantly playing catch up. Using a calendar is a fantastic way to avoid repeating posts and gives you the breathing room to think about the bigger picture.

A Brand for Each Season

Seasonal campaigns are a well-established marketing tool. However, fitting the seasons doesn’t mean you should completely ditch your branding style in favor of the holidays. Instead, make the holidays work for you by creating seasonal versions and variations of your logo, branding looks, and style. Include mentions of important dates and plan campaigns in advance to capitalize on the seasonal spirit. Being active and showing you pay attention to detail are both terrific ways to connect with customers across the world.

Ready to Start Branding Your Business?

Getting the ball rolling with your brand doesn’t have to be hard. By being prepared and focusing on the things that matter, you can focus more attention on the big picture and maximize your impact. Find the right tools to fit your needs and see how easy it is to create a powerful corporate image.