Are Your Blogs, Headers, & Images Relevant?

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27 Websites That Can Help Your Social Posts Perform Better
July 19, 2016
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Do You Have a Dynamic Social Presence?
July 26, 2016

Are Your Blog, Headers, & Images Relevant

If you have (or are looking for) a logo for your brand, you know how important visual representation is. But when you’re building a brand, you need more than a logo to consider the visual landscape of your business as branded.

While a logo is the identification of your business in the form of an identifiable mark, your brand becomes the personality of your business and embodies what a customer or client feels when they interact with your brand.

That being said, the visual and written tone is a strong contributor. When this tone is also consistent, your brand becomes stronger across the board. Consistency in your tone, while also remaining engaging, can be exactly what your brand needs for additional strength in your marketing efforts.

Creating a positive perception of your business is the first step. Bold and responsive imagery is one way to do this. We’ve previously written a blog noting why images are more effective than text, and this is exactly important to consider beyond simply posting to social media.

Consider your social cover banners, your blog headers, the images in your blog, your email headers, email images, and more. What are these saying? When was the last time that these were updated? Since images are shown to impact the viewer more than reading text, are you keeping your visitors engaged with your visuals?

As the largest and underutilized image that you can use for your brand, you’ll surely be placing your brand ahead of the game by using these effectively.

Rotating Your Image Headers to Strengthen Your Brand

Facebook header image for Lyft

Think about your social cover headers to begin with. These are the prominent, large images at the top of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, for example. This gives anyone two prime branding markets once someone opens up their social page: first, their profile picture, and two, their social cover headers.

Since this is the first two things someone sees when interacting with your brand, you’ll want to use this to your advantage. This is the perfect place to seasonally change your images, wish your clients a happy holiday, reflect an upcoming sale or promotion, or simply highlight your business’s personality.

When this is consistent across social channels, people are able to connect and relate with your brand, even when they leave, say, Facebook, and move to interact with you on Twitter.

Facebook header image of company Uber

How to get your perfect cover banner, every time:

  • Stay within the dimensions for each social media channel that you’re updating your banner within;
  •  Ensure consistency between the colors of your logo and brand and what appears on your header images;
  • Change images often, especially when the seasons change, a promotion is being run, or you’re participating in a local event.
Facebook header image of Maple

Regularly updating your images brings a freshness to your content. Even for your blog headers and email headers, these top images can let a reader know what they can expect from the content involved, promoting opening, reading, and engaging.

If you’re wondering where you can get content for your header images, we provide this blog listing places to access free stock photos, and one creative way of updating images and increasing engagement is highlighting fan-sourced or other user images in such a prominent space. 

Tailor Brands Design Studio helps any business or brand stay on top of design by offering unlimited social media posts, social cover banners, business card and letterhead designs, and a watermark product, all branded. These visuals are exactly what your business needs to take it to the next level!