The Best Logo Design Software

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June 4, 2018
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The Best Logo Design Software

Logo Design Software is an ideal choice for those who want to save on budget creation but are willing to do more of the creative legwork to get a quality design. These platforms offer more options for editing and customization but sacrifice some of the guidance and assistance that a web-based logo designer tools can provide.

5 top logo software tools

  1. LogoSmartz
  2. SoThink Logo Maker
  3. SummitSoft Logo Design Studio
  4. AAA Logo Maker
  5. LaughingBird Logo Maker

The options we listed here are easy enough for beginners to comfortably navigate.


LogoSmartz - Logo Maker Software

Logosmartz offers an astounding library of assets and logo designs that can help even the most novice designers and entrepreneurs create memorable logos. The application includes over 5000 distinct assets along with nearly 2000 pre-made templates to choose from. The editor is easy to use and offers a large degree of freedom to manipulate even the finest details of the logo.

Users can try LogoSmartz for free or choose the paid version for $49.95. Additionally, the company offers a variety of additional features and tools, as well as more design and asset libraries.


  • Choose from one of the largest collections of assets and pre-made designs on the market and create a truly one-of-a-kind logo.
  • Add optional features that include business card and stationary makers and a corporate identity designer.
  • The editor offers a large degree of customizability and lets users modify as much or as little as they want of pre-made templates.


  • The interface cannot be resized and can quickly become crowded with multiple menus and tools open simultaneously.
  • In our trials, the software sometimes froze for seconds at a time and affected performance.
  • Some customers have complained of difficulties reaching the company’s customer service representatives.


So Think Logo Maker

If the major concern in logo design is choosing the right shade of colors, SoThink is perhaps unrivaled. The logo maker software offers a unique feature with its pen tool, which lets users freehand illustrations and add their own touch to designs.

Additionally, users can choose from thousands of existing designs and assets to find the right combination of elements for a memorable logo that fits their identity. SoThink’s logo maker is available for $59.99, though they do offer a free 30-day trial.


  • SoThink offers one of the most in-depth color selections on the market with an impressive degree of customization and color correction.
  • Add unique touches to logos with SoThink’s multiple pen and brush tools that offer full creative freedom during design.
  • Users can select from an impressive library of pre-made designs or choose from a variety of icons, shapes, and other assets to make a new logo.


  • The software is only available for Windows, so Mac users will not be able to take advantage of it.
  • The user interface is somewhat outdated and can make finding some tools and features more difficult than necessary.
  • SoThink may sometimes be too complex when it comes to editing details on a more granular level.


Summit Soft Logo Design Software

One of the biggest areas where SummitSoft’s software stands out is in its library of vectors and expansion packs. Users can choose from thousands of assets that are scalable and modifiable. Moreover, the editor provides users with pen tools and the ability to resize canvases to create different logo sizes and shapes.

Users can also choose from a variety of color and special effects to create different logo styles. SummitSoft Logo Design Studio is available for $49.99 online, and users can find additional expansion packs with thousands of assets as well.


  • More than 6000 design assets are available out of the box, allowing users to mix and match and find the right logo to reflect their identity.
  • Users can start off with assistance by choosing from one of the 2000 available logo templates.
  • See variations on a logo by sending it to SummitSoft, which will reply with three iterations of the original design.


  • Many of the available vectors are somewhat generic and require editing and retouching to make a visual impact.
  • SummitSoft is not designed specifically for beginners, so it can be difficult for novices to get started.
  • Files are not available in the common EPS format, limiting how well some programs can access it.

AAA Logo

AAA Logo Design Software

AAA Logo offers users a stripped-down design tool that is perfectly suited for beginners. The software provides a good variety of design assets including 10,000 of icons and shapes though it only hosts a limited selection of colors. Users can also choose from a library of 500 pre-made designs to find a logo faster. The application costs $49.95, though users can try it for free for 30 days.


  • AAA Logo Maker is one of the easiest design tools out of the box. The interface is intuitive and editing is as easy as drag-and-dropping assets.
  • The application features one of the largest native icons and shapes with an impressive 10,000 available.
  • The canvas can easily be resized to create different files such as business cards, letterheads, and more.


  • The available color palette leaves room for improvement as it is limited to the colors available on the screen.
  • The editing tools AAA Logo Maker offers are somewhat limited and don’t offer a high degree of customizability.
  • The software is only available on Windows, so Mac users cannot access it.


LaughingBird’s Logo Creator is an ideal tool for users who are in a pinch and need a logo in a hurry. The software is geared toward beginners and offers an intuitive interface that limits the available options and focuses on fine-tuning existing elements. The LaughingBird bundle also includes some useful add-ons including a business card maker, a tool to create marketing materials, and even a cartoon mascot creator. The software is only available for Mac, and the standard bundle costs $37.00.


  • LaughingBird delivers simple and fast logo creation right out of the box. Users can choose from 200 pre-made designs to fine-tune and modify.
  • The editor is almost completely drag-and-drop. Easily add components and rearrange existing ones with a single click.
  • An additional 600+ design assets are available for purchase from the company’s website.


  • LaughingBird doesn’t offer much in the way of text editing, so some fonts and word marks may look awkwardly spaced.
  • The program does not produce logos in vector format, which is widely considered the most scalable format for logos.
  • Users don’t have much freedom to create unique designs with different elements. Most of the available design options are pre-made templates.

Over to You..

Now, that you know the best logo maker software it’s your turn to get the creative juices flowing and design an awesome logo.