0-1,000 Real Quick: Building a Twitter Presence in 3 Easy Steps

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August 25, 2016
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Are Your Social Headers Affecting Engagement?
September 6, 2016

0-1000 Real Quick: Building a Twitter Presence in 3 Easy Steps

One of the most common bits of advice that many small business owners receive when setting up their business is to get a social media presence. This usually means that you’ll sign up for a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social accounts with your business name and add some friends and family to these platforms.

For any business, success comes when people outside of your social circle are purchasing your goods or service, and one of the ways to do this is on social media. But simply existing on these platforms is not enough; for true success on social media, you’ll need to attract followers, engage with these users that are interested in what you have to offer, and engage them with what you have to offer on these sites.

When you’re working with your small business, you don’t have tons of time to devote to strategies, tricks, and the implementation of an in-depth social media strategy (even most large businesses have an entire team dedicated to analyzing, implementing, and reviewing what is posted!).

Gaining Twitter Followers in a Few Easy Steps

This first part may be a bit of a cheat, but perhaps the absolute most important thing that you can do to gain Twitter followers is to have a Twitter account.

Signing up on this platform with a handle is or relates to your business, writing a bio that captures a potential audience’s attention, incorporating a profile image and social cover banner that embodies your business, and actually start using Twitter. You’ll want to establish yourself and your business as real, knowledgeable, and personable expert in your field, and someone that other users want to trust with advice and guidance.


  • Strategic Following: One of the key reasons to use Twitter is to engage with other people. This is the perfect place to find users that may be interested in your product, that may be acknowledged experts in your field, or those who are seeking advice/guidance that you’ll be able to assist with. You can find great users to follow by looking up influencers in your field (people that know a lot about your field) and seeing who follows them. Another way to explore other people to follow is by finding hashtags related to your business to see who is talking about related topics.
  • Engage: Even if you don’t have a large Twitter following, talking with users will get you noticed and encourage people to follow you to see what you have to say next. The people that you’re following? Tweet at them with questions or contribute to a conversation they’re having. Tweet on your own timeline about what’s happening, general news in your field, state your opinions, ask questions, and converse with those that are in conversation with you.
  • Creative Posts: With 140 characters to get someone’s attention, you’ll need more than words to stand out. Twitter allows photo, video, emoji, and GIF integration on their platform, and it’s recommended to use this kind of visual imagery to gain further attention to what you have to say! When you have valuable content combined with an image that’s bound to stop someone’s attention, you’ll have stronger tweets that someone that does not include any visual elements in their content.

A general tip for your social media is to keep branding consistent. Placing your logo design as your profile image and cover banner can not only inform the potential follower about the personality of your business and accounts but also create a level of remembrance that can help to establish your brand with strangers.

Tweeting, and engaging in conversations, is also wildly important for engagement.  Don’t forget to do this!

Finally, one of the most common suggestions for gaining followers quickly is a follow/unfollow method, whereby you (or software) follows a ton of users indiscriminately and hope that some follow back as a means of gaining a quick base.

While this can be effective for gaining followers, it’s not very strongly recommended for high engagement. For one, there’s a huge difference between a follower and a valuable follower. Your account may begin to look spammy, and managing such an insane amount of followers can be more stressful than it’s worth.

Ultimately, managing social media is another aspect of running your own business, and you’ll want to be sure that you’re not burdening yourself or cutting your work short!