Building Your Brand on Social Media

Challenges Faced By Small Businesses When Branding
March 21, 2017
Blog Header "Simple Tips To Increase Reach & Engagement on Facebook"
Simple Tips To Increase Reach & Engagement on Facebook
March 28, 2017

Building Your Brand on Social Media

There’s a great marketing point to being on social media. Using ads to sell a product, troubleshooting customer support issues on the spot, connecting with audiences, and using content to your advantage are only some of the many reasons that social media is crucial for any small business to be a part of.

Best of all, most social media platforms are absolutely free (unless, of course, you’re running ads on any of these platforms).

With so much competition on these sites, how are you as a small business able to effectively create your brand here? One of the most important things you’ll want to do is establish yourself as an authority in your field. The perfect way to reach an audience as an authority is through social media.

Build Your Social Brand

Your first step will be to get set up on the social media platforms that you want to be on. Think about what makes sense for you right now.

A Facebook Business Page is a must, and we recommend an Instagram as well. Other social media, such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or Snapchat might not align perfectly with your business, but if they do – then feel free to get on top of it! 

You’ll want to use Facebook to promote your brand in a general sense, Twitter to briefly connect with experts in your field, Instagram for images, Pinterest to promote the physical items or service that you sell, and LinkedIn for purely professional interactions. Choose wisely!

Establish your visual brand on social media! Have you developed a logo for your business yet? If not, create a logo for your business, that’s your first step. Establish this visual marker, choose your brand’s fonts and colors, and brings them into your social media accounts.

You’ll want to take the time to implement your brand wherever you can, from the profile image to the header to social posts. Make sure that this is consistent across every single social media channel! Inconsistent branding is one of the biggest downfalls for small businesses, so be sure to go ahead and prevent this!

Don’t avoid establishing your brand’s voice. When you’re dealing with the online world, every communication will be the written word. It needs to convey what your business is about and also the personality that defines what you do.

Don’t worry about perfecting your brand voice right away; establish the direction and general tone that you want your brand to convey and work towards it. Every post is a step in the right direction!

Create content that people care about because good content strengthens your brand reputation. Crafting content for the sake of having content is less worthwhile than taking the time to develop meaningful written and visual content that people will want to share.

Not only should you support your brand image, but you should drive your brand forward. If you’re wondering how you can establish a content calendar that works for your business, check out this post here! Even better, support your content with visuals whenever you can – people respond to this!

Remaining active and engaged when posting and establishing your brand on social media is key. Creating quality posts that you can commit to posting regularly would make a huge impact.

Connect with followers, respond to comments, and even reach out to others that you think would be a good fit for your business. That’s the purpose of social media – to be social. As a small business establishing your brand, this kind of small, guerilla marketing can be exactly the key you need to make it all work!