Tailor Made: A Good Grade With Smart Cookie Education

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August 21, 2015
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Tailor Made: A Good Grade With Smart Cookie Education

August 28, 2015

Everyone has that one teacher they remember fondly. Maybe the math teacher who spent extra time, or an English teacher who helped you through a tough book. It’s those teachers that you often learned the most from, and at the end, you’re the most grateful to for helping you get where you are today. Larkyn Simony of Smart Cookie Education is here to bring that experience to a lot more kids, but with a twist.

Larkyn and Smart Cookie focuses heavily on children with ADHD. Her previous experience is in special education, and she’s also had a lot of experience in helping those with ADHD. It was during this overlap that she decided to start Smart Cookie, offering custom education plans to students with ADHD. She uses her experience to help kids function “as if they didn’t have ADHD,” with the hope of them getting more from their education and having a better life.

While she doesn’t have many competitors in her space, that doesn’t mean Larkyn had it easy getting her small business off the ground. There were and are still a lot of tough decisions to face, and her best advice from those was simply to “go with whatever works best.” It’s was the fastest response we’ve heard during our interviews, so it’s been working for her. However, it’s important to note, that even if it doesn’t work the first time, just try again until it does. We hear that time and time again, during all of our interviews.

Branding is obviously a necessity when you have a customer-facing business, and Larkyn decided she wanted to do it once, do it all, and do it early on. She “wanted a clean looking logo that was professional,” so that as Smart Cookie grows, it “would be taken seriously.” Thanks to Tailor, she was able to make that clean logo quickly and at a good price! For Smart Cookie, branding was the easiest part of setting up her business, which let her focus on other aspects of Smart Cookie.

What’s next for Larkyn and Smart Cookie Education? Expansion. She’s working on creating more tailor made (we couldn’t resist) education plans, so that more kids have the opportunity for a better education that’s truly unique to them. Larkyn is truly invested in their well-being, so the future is definitely going to be bright. We don’t know about you, but we absolutely think there’s going to be a lot more smart cookies in the coming years.

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