Create Your Brand Constellation and Watch Your Business Skyrocket

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February 12, 2018
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Create Your Brand Constellation and Watch Your Business Skyrocket

Monday, 19th of February 2018

A company’s brand can seem at times like an unconnected collection of visuals, ideas, vague statements, and marketing strategies. However, when you take the time to plan your branding and focus on creating a cohesive brand strategy, all those components turn into a clearer picture a system of constellations that covers all the major aspects of your brand.

These interconnected systems make up the core of your brand and can help you understand how each part of your identity relates to the others. Moreover, these brand constellations give you a visual way to represent the hierarchy of your branding elements, and how you can better plan them. By taking the time and creating your own constellation, you’ll become an expert in your own brand, and reach new heights. Follow these easy steps to build your own brand identity system!

Brand Identity System Infographic

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Start at the Sun—Your Company’s Mission

Before you begin contemplating logos and colors, you need to command a firm grasp of your company and its objectives. Your products and business model are a part of what you do, but the first step is defining your mission. A company’s mission defines what it does, why its done, and what the company believes in. It doesn’t have to be a full page, or even several paragraphs, but it does need to clearly convey your company’s philosophy.

The important thing when creating a mission statement is understanding that you’re not trying to sell anything yet. Create a mission statement that can guide your company through the initial phases and later inform how you think of your brand.

Construct Your First Constellation—The Logo

The first stop on your journey to creating a brand system is to design a logo. Your logo is closest to your mission statement because it will inform the rest of your branding, but it requires a strong foundation. With your mission in hand, you can start to visualize what your company’s values, philosophies, and goals look like.

Your logo has three major components: the symbol or image you choose to represent your company, your company name or initials, and a tagline if you’re including one in your design. These three items form the core of your branding strategy along with the next stop on your journey.

A Galaxy of Ideas—Your Visual Identity

A logo or brand mark is the first step in crafting your brand’s appearance, but it needs a little more to become a fully realized concept. This is where your visual identity comes in, giving a logo the life and colors you will then use to spread your brand and company image. A company’s visual identity is made up of a few key pieces. The first is the color palette, which is vital as it can give consumers visual cues about your company’s goals, beliefs, and the tone you’re trying to set.

Next are images, which include your logo, as well as other visuals that clearly identify your company. Visual identities also include things such as textures and materials, which are less often considered but equally vital. If you sell a physical product, this will affect your company’s packaging, presentation, and even the design of your offices.

When Words Meet Visuals—Your Typography

Some people believe branding ends once they’ve created a great logo and awesome visuals. This isn’t necessarily wrong, but it discounts many other important considerations to make when creating a cohesive brand. Typography is just as visual as colors and images but can express things more clearly than either of them. Moreover, it helps create a mood and set a tone by connecting to viewers’ subconscious associations.

Furthermore, fonts have power. A font with slick lines and sharp edges tells people the company they’re looking at is advanced and futuristic. Cursive and flowy fonts convey a sense of home, friendliness, and whimsy. Regardless of which typography you select, it will complement the visual aspects of your brand, and enhance them.

A Quick Stop at the Physical Belt—Creating Your Brand Materials

With your visuals in place, it’s time to make a quick stop to develop your company’s business and branding materials. While you may feel they’re unnecessary, part of creating a lasting brand is making sure the whole world sees your logo and visuals in as many places as possible.

This includes your business materials—letterheads, business cards, presentations—your company’s uniforms (if you use them), your product packaging, and other signage. These branded materials will help your brand spread and build familiarity with consumers, helping you connect with them more directly.

Lift Off—Creating a Strategy

With all your materials in place, it’s time to think of the big picture. Your branding system exists to help you better coordinate your strategy and can make it easier to get started. With visuals in place, creating new campaigns on social media, different industry websites, and popular events is significantly easier. In addition, your brand can help you appeal to your target audience thanks to its close connection with your mission.

Most importantly, you shouldn’t consider your brand strategy as an isolated matter. When creating your constellations, you should always keep in mind how each piece of the puzzle will help you reach your goals alongside how it will attract the right consumers and position you in the market.

By taking a more holistic and comprehensive view of your marketing, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that ensnare failed brands. Considering every element of your brand as a separate piece can lead to uneven marketing, mixed messages, and lost sales. Tailor Brands can guide you along this journey by helping you create a cohesive strategy, from designing a logo to building your brand’s presence online!  

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