Hot Tips For Creating Picture Quotes For Social Media

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April 13, 2017
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Hot Tips For Creating Picture Quotes For Social Media

Have you tried using the Tailor Brands social post maker yet? Once you’ve designed your logo using our service, you may have access to our social post editor through your Brand Profile. We created this cool tool to let you create branded social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and more. One of the coolest things that we see people using the social post editor for is creating really unique and fun quote graphics. Simply, this is taking some kind of phrase or saying and placing it on top of an image. This can be a great tool for small businesses to hop on social media trends, such as #MotivationMonday, or as a means to connect and engage with their online audience.

Creating Picture Quotes When You’re Not a Graphic Designer

When you don’t have Photoshop or graphic design skills (no shame!), creating picture quotes can be tedious. Even if you have these, knowing where to start or figuring out how to discover inspiration can be additionally difficult.

  1. Pick Your Quote! Consider using a shorter quote, but if you’re looking for something longer, there are some creative ways to break up the lines so that it’s not a huge jumble of text. Motivational quotes, comedy, and romance are only some of the many, many options you have to get creative. Need some inspiration for your quotes? Try BrainyQuote or Quotery to get started.
  2. Get Seasonal. One of the best ways to appeal to your followers is by posting seasonal images and quotes, if relevant. Seasonal keywords can work in your favor here – the winter is perfect to post about snowfall.
  3. Use Relevant Fonts. Fonts tell a big story about your brand and your image, and using the wrong font can make or break a picture quote. Imagine how unshareable and boring these would be if they all used Times New Roman instead of modern san serifs or flowing brush strokes. We have some blogs that seasonally offer free fonts for posts like this – pairing a summery image with a fun, lighthearted font is a recipe for success!
  4. Consider Your Filter. Your choice of filter goes a long way when you’re creating a custom image graphic, and certain filters are associated with different meanings. Consider some of the winter-oriented images you’re likely to see. Many times, they’re very crisp and sharp, like a snowflake. Autumn is known for orange-ish hues, while summer is washed in a haze. Even if you’re not working seasonally, are there any ways that you can use a filter to hammer your point home?
  5. Don’t Forget to Brand. When you’re posting to your business’s social media accounts, you’ll want your posts to be associated with your brand. By keeping your logo on your social posts, you can be sure that the origin won’t get lost in the shuffle and you’re exposing your small business to tons of other people on social platforms.

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Something like picture quotes is a great way for you to get creative with your social media accounts and branding. Why not take advantage of this and give it a try?