Design a Kickass Newsletter That Gets People to Read What You Have To Say

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Design a Kickass Newsletter That Gets People to Read What You Have To Say

April 26, 2016

You get them from nearly every company that you have purchased from, and definitely from those that you have placed your name on their mailing list- an email newsletter. Oftentimes these are aimed at keeping people engaged with your brand by offering discounts, educational incentives, fun facts, and reasons for a customer to see recurring value in the product that you are offering to them.
As often as you receive a newsletter in your email inbox, these emails are hard to do right for that reason. Does that mean you shouldn’t do them? Absolutely not!
These are great ways to maintain engagement with the people that are interested in you and your idea, informing them of updates, changes, and specials that will appeal to them moving forward. Wondering if your newsletter could use some sprucing up? We outline some tips to keep you standing out from the pack!

Encouraging Engagement Through Email Newsletters

  1. Take the time to determine how often and what kind of updates those you are looking to engage with are looking for. Sometimes, this doesn’t need to be every week, but rather every two weeks, or even once a month! There’s no right answer here, it’s what works best for you.
  2. Keep your newsletter simple. Outline the information you want to convey and how you think it should be organized, from most important to least important. Cluttering a reader with information won’t help them determine what you’re actually trying to say.
  3. Your content needs to shine! Be sure that it is front and center in your newsletter, and not hidden behind images or distracting fonts.
  4. Balance your content between promotional and informative. Think of someone that brags all the time- don’t you get frustrated listening to them speak? The same goes for a newsletter. Give your readers something of value outside of what your brand is doing this week, making them more inclined to trust your emails and your product.
  5. Your email’s subject line is a powerful tool. There are two trains of thought for this: keeping emails the same or similar can help a reader know exactly what they’re getting into OR creatively considering what will make someone click “open” rather than “delete”. Subject lines that pique your curiosity are more likely to encourage you to see what the email says.
  6. Keep one thing the primary focus of your email and everything else secondary. If the purpose of your email is to announce a sale, don’t also include the gigantic move to a new location. These call for separate newsletters so one doesn’t get buried within the other.
  7. Don’t forget the unsubscribe button. Take it from us, it’s not pretty of you don’t. Once we experienced a glitch with the email service provider we use, and the unsubscribe button was missing from an email. We had TONS of emails from really angry customers, and that’s fair! No one should feel like they’re trapped into receiving something they don’t want to.
  8. Test everything you do. Don’t just rely on us to tell you what works, see what responses you get to your newsletters and send out subsequent ones mimicking what works.

Now that you’ve taken the time to ensure that you’re developing great content for these newsletters, be sure that people love what they see! There are so many ways that you can keep customers engaged here.

Design Tips to Follow For Your Newsletter

We can all agree that a text-based email can be tedious to read through. No fault to the email itself, but after so many encounters with text throughout the day that sometimes it’s nice to break it up with visuals. These keep the reader looking for more as they browse through the information you’ve deemed important, even highlighting certain components that are considerably more important than others.

Design tips to keep in mind include:

  • Using a creative header image for your emails. When you purchase a social cover banners package from Tailor Brands, you receive an email newsletter header as well- and this is an item you can use more than once. Updating for the seasons, holidays, and more can keep your brand fun and engaged.
  • Let your logo be the primary inspiration for the colors in your newsletter. One way to establish your brand is through the use of a color scheme that is repeated or suggested on printed materials. Your logo should be the basis for this! You can then use this color to draw attention to important points by highlighting as a font or link color.
  • Keep fonts to a minimum, with one display and one body font. This means that you can choose one fun, bold font that sticks out for headers and important information, but other information should be in a font that is tried and true. We have a blog on great font combinations that you can use here.
  • Think of your newsletter like a printed newspaper, and organize and stack content like this. You have a limited amount of space to convey what you need to, and effectively taking advantage of this can keep the reader interested. Why hide important information at the bottom when you need it at the top? This difference matters!
  • Don’t steer clear of images. Along with an email header, images break up content and draw the reader to certain stories or elements you want to highlight. Images are a powerful tool for this! We have places where you can get free stock photos to use in your newsletter if you are unable to use pictures of your own. Check it out here!

When you’ve created a great email newsletter, you’ll notice how easy it is to make another one! Give it a try using our tips and watch engagement with your brand grow!