Do You Have a Dynamic Social Presence?

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Are Your Blogs, Headers, & Images Relevant?
July 21, 2016
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Why Tailor Brands Needed a Rebrand
July 28, 2016

Do You Have a Dynamic Social Presence? 

Do you? “What do you mean?”, you may be asking. Fair enough! Think about social media ten years ago. Many people would be asking themselves if they needed a MySpace profile, if Facebook was necessary, or why should they even consider joining Twitter?

Now, having a social media profile on more than one channel is almost necessary, and social media teams are a crucial part of a business’s growth and marketing strategy.

For small businesses, having a team of people dedicated to social media profiles may be a little bit of a staffing exaggeration, but something really important can be said about having updated, exciting, engaging, and changing social media presences that keep customers engaged and attract new people to what you’re doing!

Do More Than Exist on Social Media

For too many small businesses, the thought of social media is second to performing other important and regular tasks of running their business, and performing social media well once again falls by the wayside.

The reality is that if you’re serious about your brand, and if you’re serious enough that you’ve invested any amount of money in making your dream come true then you also need to be investing time and energy into your social media profiles.

In fact, social media is how a majority of the people interacting with your brand will come to learn about your products and services- if you do not have these, then you’re missing out on a wealth of people that can help you grow.

Wondering if you have a dynamic social presence? Creating one can be easy:

  • Showcase your product’s personality online by highlighting new products, big projects, office happenings, and behind the scenes peeks.
  • Share photos of your brand, employees, products, and happenings as often as possible.
  • Consistently post to social channels. Follow this guide for knowing how often to post to each website on a daily basis!
  • Offer something new with every interaction to avoid being dull and to create value in every single posting.
  • Using humor and humorous content should be interspersed in your postings- think of your brand as a person. Who would you want to hang out with?
  • Avoid posting all of the same content to the same social media channels.
  • Give people a reason to follow you in different places!
  • Use stories to sell your brand as well as stuff. People know you’re selling them something, and when you add a story, this selling is more effective.
  • Share pictures, graphics, and video content most of all. This has been proven to work!

How can you keep up with posting? Showing your brand’s personality can occur using social cover banners, branded with your logo, that rotate on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, highlighting a product, sale, current event, or wishing a user a happy holiday. Social posts, importantly bearing images, are one of the best ways to encourage shares and further action to be taken on a social channel.

Even simply watermarking an image with your logo can help expand your reach, allowing anyone that shares the post or the image to know where the origin of the post lies.

Tailor Brands Design Studio helps any business or brand stay on top of design by offering unlimited social media posts, social cover banners, business card and letterhead designs, and a watermark product, all branded. These visuals are exactly what your business needs to take it to the next level!