5 FREE Resources (by Real Entrepreneurs) to Help You and Your Business Thrive While at Home

These are crazy times. We know. 

Which is why we wanted to share some great, FREE resources to help you and your business during this period. 

Whether it’s an online retreat to shift your mindset or a webinar to help you create a killer marketing plan, we’ve handpicked the best FREE resources from some of the most successful entrepreneurs out there.


1. Limitless Entrepreneurship Retreat with Melyssa Griffin

5 free resources for entrepreneurs: melyssa griffin

Format: Online retreat (March 25th – 29th) 

Link: Register for the retreat here *pro-tip: you can still sign up, even if it’s over, to continue getting valuable resources from Melyssa

What it is: A FREE 5-day digital retreat to help you bring in new income quickly, create an abundant mindset, and deeply connect with other online business owners.

About Melyssa Griffin: Melyssa is the founder and CEO of MelyssaGriffin.com, a 7-figure online business where she teaches entrepreneurs and bloggers how to grow their audience, influence, and income so that they can make a genuine impact on the world.

2. Instagram Marketing Training with Angie Lee

5 free resources for entrepreneurs

Format: Webinar replay

Link: Watch it here (*watch the video on the left – you don’t need to pay anything to watch it).

What it is: A webinar to help you grow your Instagram following in 2020. 

About Angie Lee: Angie is a highly sought after marketing mentor, top motivational speaker, professional podcaster & serial entrepreneur. She has successfully built two 7 figure brands in less than 3 years, and teaches her community how to grow and scale their online businesses with sales psychology, authentic messaging, and intuitive marketing.

3. Pat Flynn's Online Business Toolkit

5 free resources: Pat Flynn

Format: A website with dozens of resources to help you during this time.

Link: Check it out here.

What it is: Courses, podcasts, articles and more! Some examples include:

– Build Your Brand Course: Free 5 day course to help you build your brand & website.

– 0-100 Email Challenge: Free course to help you build your email list, and much, much more!

About Pat Flynn: Pat is a serial entrepreneur who has built many successful online businesses, but is most well known for his work on SmartPassiveIncome.com, which includes a top-rated blog, podcast and web TV show about how to build an online business.

4. Build Your Perfect Business With Brian Clark

Format: Free audio course

Link: Listen here

What it is: A free audio course that shows you what’s working right now for attracting an audience, discovering what they want to buy, and building your perfect business.

About Brian Clark: Brian Clark is a writer, traveler, and serial entrepreneur (who started 10 businesses!). He’s the founder of the pioneering content marketing website Copyblogger, the personal growth newsletter Further, and Unemployable.

*Bonus: Brian also has a great podcast out with Spencer Sheinin, a financial expert on small businesses and startups, to help you not only survive this financial crisis, but also come out of it thriving. Listen to the podcast here.

5. Small Business Survival Training with Jenna Kutcher

5 free resources: Jenna Kutcher

Format: Facebook Live Replay by Honeybook

Link: Watch the Facebook Live replay here

What it is: A free Facebook Live session held by Jenna Kutcher about how to take charge in your business during this unprecedented time. From shifting your mindset to updating your marketing messaging to building resilience during this time of uncertainty, this is an hour-long conversation about small business survival.

About Jenna Kutcher: Jenna is the founder and host of the podcast Goal Digger, where she helps her listeners redefine success, chase bolder dreams, and tackle their biggest goals. She is also an entrepreneur, expert marketer, speaker and social media influencer running a multi-million dollar online business that teaches people how to start and grow their own businesses.

BONUS: Marie Forleo’s Coronavirus Support Guide

Format: Blog post

Link: Read the blog post here

What it is: The Forleo team put together a great support guide that will: 1) Tell you about the good things happening, 2) Share resources that can help you or someone you know, and 3) Help you stay strong so you can lead and stop emotional contagion: The spreading of stress, fear, panic, and anxiety.

About Marie Forleo: Marie is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Everything is Figuroutable. She is the owner of Marie Forleo International (a multi-million dollar coaching and educational business), B-School, and the award-winning MarieTV.

Hope these resources help you and your business thrive during these uncertain times! 

Have you tried one of them out yet? Reach out to us! We’d love to know which resources have helped your business.