How to Design a Good Social Post

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Four Easy Steps to Write Your Brand’s Copy
May 31, 2016
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You Don’t Post Enough to Social Media
June 7, 2016

How to Design a Good Social Post


Last month, we at Tailor Brands released a social post product aimed at ensuring that every brand made on our platform is able to have a consistent, cohesive, and beautiful message, every time. Now more than ever, social media is image based, with a strong emphasis on colors and design.

To help your brand grow, pairing beautiful images with your message can be crucial! While your needs may be different across social sites, there are some common factors posts should have to keep the likes, comments, and shares coming on these social posts.

Posting to Social Media

First, be sure that your post is visually appealing! Your brand is being represented here, and you’ll want to be sure that anyone scrolling over your post stops to stare. The basis should be foremost on the image holding the post together. Including your logo on a social post is helpful if the post is shared, ensuring that your brand is always linked to the visual. Short, succinct writing will be what attracts that reader’s attention best. Remember, on a feed with tons of other posts, you have mere seconds to make the impression that you’d like to.

Abduzeedo Social Post

There are other core components:

  • Remembering the importance of positivity and how positive posts are shared more often than negative ones;
  • Share updates without giving away all the information- people need to be encouraged to click!;
  • Keep Facebook images within the perfect size so it doesn’t get cut off. For Facebook, this is 800 x 600;
  • Any text on an image should be 40 characters or less, if you can;
  • Use a text and voice that is reflective of who you and your brand are. People want to engage with a personality!; and
  • Keep images simple that are also mobile friendly.

Visually, social posts should include a clear image that fits the social website’s guidelines, something interesting and attractive that causes a user to pause, and uses a limited number of characters on the image. It should intrigue without giving everything away, and cause someone that sees it want to tag a friend, share with others, or importantly, visit your site to learn more.

TechCrunch Social Post

Additional things to consider:

  • Include a link to a website, article, landing page- somewhere that the user can complete an action or find more information. According to Facebook, these types of posts see more clicks!;
  • Don’t overwhelm a reader with a paragraph of information. Highlighting the important parts in more detail in the text portion, but don’t go overboard;
  • Consider when you’re publishing these posts- is it in the middle of the workday? During prime time when tons of people are posting?;
  • Use these posts as the perfect opportunity to engage with others outside of your brand here.
Maple Social Post

Social media is an important beast to tame for your brand. While it may seem like posts can get lost in the shuffle or obtaining a high number of followers is difficult, there are some rules that many social media marketers abide by to bring attention to larger brands. Many of these can be completed on your own with a little help and consideration. Good luck!