Interview: Brandon Schaefer, CEO of Companeur

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Interview: Brandon Schaefer

A Fireside Chat with: Brandon Schaefer, CEO of Companeur

By: Jackie Schindler | Monday, 30th of October 2017

We initially discovered Brandon’s take on business and his roadmap to success while scrolling through our Twitter feed. His tweets are insightful, relevant and essential to our own company’s growth. Brandon has attained what many of our users are striving or planning to achieve: he started his own business.

The company is called Companeur, which opened in 2010 and has since expanded and evolved over time.

Currently, this business is comprised of a group of experienced business professionals who provide advice and consulting services for entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startup founders. The difference between Companeur and competitors is that they truly offer a personalized approached. “We test what we’re going to implement and make sure it works before we do it for clients. We turn away more clients than we accept.”

“My main obstacle was overcoming myself. I thought I had to do things because other businesses had done them a certain way and found success. It wasn’t until I started to blend up my own recipe for success that things started to take off.

I questioned Brandon on how he deals with this type of rejection, as this is always a difficult thing to do. He confirmed that Companeur has identified their specific market segment and they know what works best. “We tested out the other market segments and realized that if a company is too big, or too small, what we do is just not going to be effective and return a solid ROI for them, so we’re just sincere and let them know upfront that it’s just not going to be a good fit, and here are the reasons why. One differentiator with us is that we still keep in touch with them, and answer questions even if they’re not doing business with us, and when their growth falls within our sweet spot, we’ll start to work with them at that point.”

When first starting his business, Brandon reflects that his main obstacle was actually overcoming himself.“I thought I had to do things because other businesses had done them a certain way and found success. It wasn’t until I started to blend up my own recipe for success that things started to take off.”

Another obstacle Brandon mentions is, “getting over-tooled,” meaning he had to invest in all different types of software such as email marketing, CRM, etc., to operate his business. “When I was small, I didn’t need to spend all my money on systems that run mid-size businesses. I was better off just focusing on providing the best client experiences, while keeping my money in the bank for when I really needed it.” As Brandon’s business grew, his systems also needed to be updated and changed accordingly.

Although Brandon’s business is now booming, he confirms what we all know (and hate to admit): “Success doesn’t happen over night. I don’t believe everything that I hear in terms of marketing or lead generation.” In order to grow financially, Brandon suggests, “identifying who [your] prospective clients are, talking to them about what matters most to their specific market segment, and being able to close deals.” In terms of branding for a business, Brandon views this as essential and “a unique identifier, like a logo, is vital because most people are browsing content and information very quickly, and the logo is something that they’ll recognize, and perhaps take a minute to see what the brand is sharing or selling.”

Brandon’s main advice to other business owners is to, “not cut corners by investing in your product or service. Always look to make improvements and enhance the customer experience. Don’t give up too soon.”


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