5 Tips for Making a Great Business Card

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5 Tips for Making a Great Business Card

Business cards are what gets you, your product or your company noticed while you’re on the go! They are a handy little tool that is used for promoting your business. These are good to have on you at all times because you never know when you’ll meet someone who would benefit from utilizing your service.

Business cards are great to give to friends to pass along, to leave out in public places, and to exchange with anyone you come in contact with. Unfortunately, people are bombarded with business cards for different things each and every day. Therefore you need to make your business card stand out in order to be remembered.

The first tip for making a great business card is to have your logo be the biggest part. You want it to be what catches a person’s eye. This is because people remember visuals more so than they remember words. By making your logo large, they will always have a clear picture of what your business is in their mind.

Example of prominent business card logo

Secondly, make sure to include all of the essentials. Have your name, email address, phone number, office location, and business name at the bare minimum. You want to ensure that a person is aware of all the different ways that they can contact you just so they can find the one that works for them.

Essentials on a business card

Although including the essentials is important, do not go overboard. Too much information on a business card will cause a person to lose interest. They’ll be overwhelmed at all the print on a card that they either won’t read it or they won’t remember what all of it said. In the case of business cards, less is more. Tone down the number of slogans and other pieces of information. Save those for a face to face discussion with a potential client or consumer.

Information to exclude from business cards

Another tip for making a great business card is to use fun colors. You can get creative if your business allows for it. For example, if you sell something like toys then have fun with the color and font. Use bright bold colors and loopy fonts because it mimics your business! If you have a more serious business, such as a law firm, use blues, blacks, and perhaps gold.

Colors on a business card

Finally, if your business allows for creativity then opt for a fun shaped card. For example, if you work as a vet then why not cut your card into an animal shape. If you’re a party planner, perhaps some sort of gift or balloon shape. These are surefire ways to get people to remember your business. Also, with a card that good looking, someone is less likely to throw it away!

Fun business card shapes

Overall, designing a great business card is simple. You just have to convey the type of business you have onto a small card. You alone will know how creative you can get. No matter what the business is, however, make sure that you include all the essentials and don’t go too overboard. Sometimes less is more.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in graphic design, marketing, and printing. She currently writes for 777 Sign, her go-to place for Banner stands, custom flags and custom signs printing.