What do the Holidays Mean for Your Small Business?

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 What do the Holidays Mean for Your Small Business?

Friday, 1st of December 2017

Christmas is fast approaching, a time of holiday cheer and days off for everyone, or almost everyone. If you’re a small business owner, you’ve likely already learned that vacation days are few and far between considering your company needs constant attention to succeed. However, the holidays don’t only mean good times for everyone. They can have a big say in how your year turns out, and depending on the industry you’re in, they can have a serious effect.

It’s a well-known fact that Christmas and the Holiday season are anomalous to most year-round trends for businesses. Whereas sales may be steady for 11 months for a small retailer, December may be when they make the majority of their yearly earnings. On the other hand, a company that works in high tech or finance may quickly find itself twiddling its collective thumbs waiting for new business to walk through the door.

Nevertheless, you should always be prepared for the end of the year. No matter what industry you’re in, the holidays offer an opportunity to finish the year strong and set yourself up for success in the next year. Here’s what the holidays mean for your small business.

“ The holidays are an excellent opportunity

to show your appreciation to your audience

and give back to them. 

An Opportunity to be Thankful

Even if you’re not in retail, your company succeeds thanks to your customers. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to show your appreciation to your audience and give back to them. They also present a great chance to strengthen your brand. Customers like reciprocation, and you can take the opportunity to earn yourself repeat customers and brand loyalists.

You can easily start with social media. Facebook Posts and messages are great ways to start a conversation, and they don’t have to be sales-oriented. Email campaigns are also useful, providing you with a better opportunity to target your consumers and try to win back some who may have drifted away. Promotions are also great tools and even offering free company swag to your loyal clients is a small token that can go a long way.

A Time for Resolutions

For many industries, the holidays, and especially Christmas and New Year’s, can be a quieter period. For small businesses in finance, technology, logistics, and other non-service industries, the end of the year is when most people take vacations. Markets close, and for most companies, there is little business to handle. However, it doesn’t mean you should simply shut your doors and wait it out.

The quiet months of November and December are the perfect time to start planning your next moves for the year. Think about the way your year went, and what you could do to give your business that extra push. Could you improve your marketing? Upgrade your branding? Make a list of things to work on and spend those days getting ready to start the next year off with a bang.

A Chance to Evaluate Your Branding Strategy

The end of the year is the best time to understand how things went. Branding isn’t an overnight undertaking, and a week or a month offer you incomplete snapshots. However, a full year is an excellent benchmark to see how your efforts are paying off. The best place to start is by examining your brand analytics. These metrics will give you a clear idea of how successful you have been at getting the word out.

Depending on what you see, there are several tactics you can try. If you feel your brand is not connecting with your audience, you could design a new logo or tweak your existing one. Getting a fresh start for the new year can re-energize your business and help you kick-start a new strategy. You can also take the holidays to spruce up your branding with some seasonal flair. Incorporating the holiday cheer into your social media posts and marketing efforts is a great way to be more approachable for your audience.

A Month for A Big Boost

December is the heart of holiday shopping season. While financial companies might be winding down, small businesses rarely take days off, and most consumers do a large chunk of their yearly shopping around these dates. Be sure to create strong incentives and promotions. While sales are always great, most businesses also turn to similar strategies, making it imperative to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

Whether it’s a gift with a purchase or a gift card for the future, spreading the holiday cheer will turn visitors into customers, and will help you strengthen your brand’s appeal. Let people know about promotions on social media and use all your available channels to get the word out. The holidays are excellent at getting new business.

Make the best out of the Holiday Season!

No matter what industry you’re in, the holidays are always a valuable time. Whether it be the hustle of the retail craze or careful planning during seasonal downtime, you can always be prepared and take the opportunity to improve and optimize operations. Learn how Tailor Brands can help you prepare for the holidays and the year ahead with powerful branding and logo design tools that can jumpstart your marketing efforts.