One Thing That Needs to Evolve With Your Company

Blog Header Image "How Marvel Comics Changed Design"
How Marvel Comics Changed Design
May 3, 2016
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Gorgeous Color Palettes You’ll Want to Use Right Now
May 10, 2016

One Thing That Needs to Evolve With Your Company

At Tailor Brands we are still learning how to blog. I don’t mean how we’re setting up a blog, choosing a website, customizing formats, adding logos, or writing words, but rather how as a company, we’re learning how to blog to suit the needs of our ever-growing customer base.

This is more complicated than it may seem! It’s gone beyond simply sitting down and writing words, but rather learning how to write things that people want to read instead of solely blogging about what we want to write about.

Content: Learning As We Go

A few months ago, we sat down as a team to discuss the purpose of having a blog and what needs to be accomplished. You’ve probably noticed that many companies have a blog and this is used to share information or more commonly, for search engine optimization purposes (it helps to have ever-changing content to “refresh” the website and being able to promote post inward). That was never our goal. We sat down to consider what our blog should be.

The initial list of goals looked a little something like this:

  • Design resource
  • Small business resource
  • Supportive of our main site
  • Providing freebies and giveaways
  • 101-esque reference
  • Showcase of our design work

Seems like a reasonable goal, right? Wrong. As simple as each of these things may be on their own, looking at what our customers are looking to read something different. Specifically, giveaways, infographics on design trends, design resources, and our Tailor Made series get the highest amounts of traffic to our blog. This is not only something that we didn’t expect, but it conflicts with what we intended our blog to be.

What You Need For Memorable Content

So as much fun as writing “History of Times New Roman” was for our team, it just wasn’t interesting enough for other people. That’s an important lesson for any blog: your content may become a combination of what you had expected to write about and what value your readers get from it.

Here are some helpful tips to help you learn how to find the best possible blog voice:

  1. Write out a list of topics you’d like to write about, and write about them! After your posts have been published, look and see which posts got high engagement. Are the results what you expected?
  2. What are you writing about? Is it something that can be found somewhere else, or is there completely unique value to what you’re writing?
  3. Don’t be afraid to be a person behind the blog. One of our posts with the highest engagement is a personal story about a relationship with the New York Times.
  4. Can your content be broken up with visual elements? It should be! Part of what makes blogs fun are how images can interact with what’s being written.
  5. No need to make posts long if they don’t need to be. Sometimes the best content will be concise and make a clear point in a few lines instead of a lengthy post.
  6. Importantly, your content and blog don’t need to mimic anyone else’s. It’s easy to look at a successful blog and try to follow their tricks but your blog is yours and what works for someone else may not work for you.

As hard as it is to admit, a lot of blogging is learn-as-you-go. If it wasn’t for the range of blogs that we have written and seen how they were received, we never would have been able to hone down the type of content that our customers want to read and the type of content we want to be writing. With a growing customer base, you can be sure that we’re revisiting these over and over to be sure that we’re fitting the needs of the people we’re looking to serve!