Let’s Be Honest, It’s Time to Rebrand Business Cards

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Blog Header "Let's Be Honest, It's Time to Rebrand Business Cards"

Let’s Be Honest, It’s Time to Rebrand Business Cards

Business cards. The seeming must-have of the business world. When you’re meeting with anyone about your business, whether it be the potential customer you run into at an event or a planned sit-down with some crucial investors, having a business card is one really handy way of sharing the bare minimums about your business while giving the person you’re interacting with the incentive to learn some more. After all, expertly passing along a business card that will be handled is a lot more professional than placing a name in your phone with the potential to completely forget about it.

Your Best Business Card Design

What does your business card look like now? Is it the most cost-efficient design you can possibly find? Did you get it printed largely in bulk with specific, changing information? You’re not alone! Especially as a business is starting up, cutting costs and getting your name out will be two very, very important things. However, your business cards act as the face of your business when you’re not around, and there is a crucial need to ensure that the business card you’re handing out is a reflection of your business.

A business card won’t be the make it or break it for your business, but let’s go ahead and stack all the odds in your favor. Stop thinking of business cards as a burden, and consider the wealth of information and impact these will be able to have.

  1. Don’t go crazy with the biggest business card ever. Remember the episode of “The Office” when Dwight Schrute, acting as interim manager, orders extra large business cards for the salespeople? Jim shows his business card, unable to fit in his wallet or anywhere appropriate, with his title listed as “Junior Employee”. If he couldn’t carry that business card, what makes the person he’s giving it to able to carry it? Lesson: always be sure to keep the dimensions of your business card within the given dimensions that are acceptable. That meaning, make sure it can fit in a slot of a wallet, or be around the size of a credit card.
  2. Keep graphics to a minimum. Yes, people are drawn to images. Yes, it may be exciting to put a picture of a product or your office on the back of a card, but be wary with what you’re doing here. You want to make sure your business is crystal-clear, not something that people need to wade through to figure out who you are.
  3. Don’t word-vomit information all over the place. There is some information you should put on your business card, and there is a lot you should keep off. Limit your text to your name, contact information (email, phone, and website), and social media profiles, if appropriate. Anything else is likely too much information.
  4. Print less, but higher quality. Information changes often. What are you supposed to do when it does? Using a pen to correct information appears unprofessional. For this, we suggest printing smaller quantities but using higher quality paper stock to get your point across. While you may get a great deal on 1,000 business cards, it will take you a long time to get through and ultimately prove fruitless if any information changes. Higher quality paper stock, though? That will get you the attention of anyone taking a look at your card.
  5. Use custom designs and subtle edits like rounded edges to stand out. A business card is a business card. It doesn’t need to be the most basic card offered by a website, nor does it need to have a crazy shape, size, embossment, or color. Keeping the essential elements intact while thinking of other ways to bring some extra oomph can be exactly what it takes. We recommend using rounded edges, unique design, and slight embossment to really take a standard business card from zero to substantial.

There are countless examples of creative business cards used by established businesses to stand out from the crowd. Oftentimes, these are gimmicky but memorable. For a small business, it may not be what you want to put your marketing dollars for, but we don’t have an issue if it is! Even without spending an arm and a leg, you can make a substantial impact with your business card design and allow others to return to your business over and over.

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