Sticks and Stones— The Importance of Words in Branding

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January 4, 2018
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Sticks and Stones

The Importance of Words in Branding

Thursday, 11th of January 2018

Branding is a crucial part of your company’s success considering it serves as your personality facing the world. As such, it’s important to dedicate time to creating a strong strategy, starting with a great logo. It also involves finding the right color combinations, and even the best font. However, a brand is only as strong as the message it conveys, and one that over-relies on the visual can weaken the overall impact.

When you focus exclusively on how you look, instead of what you’re saying, your brand becomes a pretty picture, and your connection to your audience is quickly diminished. Instead, your brand should include a strong visual component in addition to a message that shows the world what you’re about and resonates with your target audience. As such, the words you use to describe your company and your products matter. Here are some of the biggest reasons the words in your branding count!

“Brands are more than simple images- 

they are your unique message

that differentiates you from everybody else.

Your Brand is a Story

Brands are more than simple images. While your logo and presentation are central to recognition amongst your target audience, they are also hooks meant to draw consumers in. What must keep them there is a story that appeals to viewers and encourages them to make a purchase. Most consumers are not looking for a generic product. Most industries today offer a variety of nearly identical products that are all vying for limited demand. In this reality, what’s important is not so much the product or service itself, but how well you can present your company and differentiate it from all the other available options.

Depending on your target audience, that message can be sustainable business, affordable prices, high quality, or more. However, a logo on its own can’t tell the world what you’re about. The words you use to represent your brand will finish the process your logo started.

Words Give You Context

Any conversation requires context. When you’re communicating with your audience, what they see initially may be enough to get them in the door, but it certainly won’t close the deal. Along with a great story, words can help add value and context to your brand. Companies such as Patagonia, for example, have created verbal branding strategies that focus on their sustainability. The company sells outdoors clothing and accessory, but their commitment to environmental responsibility has earned them praise from consumers and has decidedly helped boost their sales.

Context is also important to help differentiate you from the competition. In an industry where 100 companies sell the same product, finding a way to set yourself apart is a priceless benefit. Using the right words will help you convey to the world why they should trust you, and not any of your competitors.

Words Strengthen Symbols

At their core, logos are symbols for your company. No matter how elaborate the design, in the end, it must be a representation of an abstract concept. Thus, you can’t just add meaning without giving your logo an important message. One of the best things about logos is their ability to communicate values, messages, and company ideals. Thus, it’s important to take time when designing your logo to think about more than just lines and colors. It’s vital to consider what each element will say, and how it will say it. Different colors represent unique emotions, and designs, lines, and even sharp angles can tell you a substantial amount about the company.

Finding the right words to support your symbols can help you craft a powerful branding strategy that clearly communicates what you believe in. More importantly, it lets you control the message and narrative, curating the conversations you want your audience to be having regarding your company.

Words and Visuals Are Useful for Different Things

In the end, you should think about your visuals and your words as different tools in the same toolkit. Images are a vital component of branding strategies, as they create a direct, subconscious connections with audiences quickly. They are effective at first impressions and can summon powerful emotions with a simple viewing. However, words are the underlying force behind visuals.

A brand can express itself so powerfully with a logo because it has taken the time to create a coherent branding voice, message, and mission. When everyone on a team clearly understands what the company is about, you can better express it through your branding and marketing materials. 

You should always use both when creating a new brand, combining powerful visuals with a deep meaning that can help you really connect with your audience.

Improve Your Website Content

Most consumers today will visit a company’s website before they visit a store. Your website is your company’s face and storefront for the world, and you should work hard to ensure it makes the best possible first impression. Design is vital, but content is a crucial component. If visitors can’t understand what you’re selling, or aren’t interested, they’ll quickly click away. Your content should hook the reader in and make them want more of what you’re selling.

Create a blog for your website and try to maintain it regularly. These kinds of pages are excellent ways to draw in new traffic and let you give customers value outside of your product. By becoming a trusted source of information or an authority figure, you’ll have a much easier time convincing your visitors to become customers. You can also evaluate the rest of your site and try to constantly keep it fresh and up to date. Good content can help your business in more ways than one.

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