Tailor Made: Taskable Pros Does It All For Senior Citizens

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July 28, 2016
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Tailor Made: Taskable Pros Does It All For Senior Citizens

August 2, 2016

There are a lot of apps that offer on-demand services for the young, busy professional but finding help performing basic tasks for other niche populations can be more difficult. Especially for senior citizens, there are not a ton of options for assistance performing typical tasks.

Taskable Pros, headed by Cara Stampp, seeks to make grocery shopping, prescription pick-up and drop off, light housekeeping, Post Office runs, personal shopping, dog walking, and more for seniors that are homebound, disabled, or simply don’t like leaving their homes.

With services like Task Rabbit or Craigslist, that also offer these services, what makes Taskable Pros notable? “I think what makes Taskable Pros different that some similar companies out there is that we focus on the elder population. They’re companies that focus on the busy young professional and I wondered what about those who are on the opposite end of that spectrum,” says Stampp. “We also provide our Customer Satisfaction Promise, the focus is to make sure that all potential and current customers get exceptional service at all times and are treated like our own parents and grandparents.

We look to not only make a profit in this business but also actually make a difference and give seniors a quality of life that allows them to still be a part of their communities. I think what makes us unique is how we use our branding efforts; we want to brand ourselves to the problem with trust and care to all our customers. We will be cost effective, on-demand, professional and have that philosophy that if you need it ‘We Can Do It All’.”

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The focus on senior citizens is one place where Taskable Pros can make a notable difference. “The start of Taskable Pros has a lot to do with my parents. I have always taken care of my parents by doing all of their errands for them, however, when they moved to Florida for retirement it was clear that they would need someone to do these tasks for them.

Because many seniors are homebound and or prefer to stay at home having someone run errands for them can be a life and stress reliever, making their quality of life much better and more enjoyable. Taskable Pros is that on- demand errand service that will help you to not worry about things like getting your groceries, having a prescription filled, or doing light housekeeping, etc.”

“The most important thing that I have learned so far is to be self-motivated. You must be your own cheerleader because doubt and fear are constant when starting with your business idea”, says Stampp about starting her own business. “Also working on finding your audience and trying to solve an issue even if it seems like the solution is already in the market.

Being a small business owner is all about hard work and learning from your mistakes along the way.” Small business owners may not have a ton of people around that understand the immense workload and commitment that getting a project off the ground can initially take. Stampp further notes, “Taskable Pros is still in the making and learning as we go like many small businesses. The advice I would give is to remain persistent and don’t let fear stop you from thinking and acting outside the box to make your business a success. “

Finally, why is branding important for small business?  Stampp discovered Tailor Brands while researching companies that would provide professional and affordable logo design services. “I think it’s important to express to your potential customers who we are and what your business is about in a very visible way. I think the key to success is having a clear brand for your business, having a website that is more than an online business card and having a logo that speaks to what you can do. The branding of your company must give a great impression, for Taskable Pros we want to give the impression of professionalism and trust. “

With a noble mission, what’s the next steps for Taskable Pros?  Gaining and maintaining a solid and loyal customer base, working on a website, and exploring the possibilities of a mobile app are some of the next things to explore to help grow and expand their business. For their customers, it’ll be nice having a helping hand around for those day to day tasks that get out of the way!

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