Think Your Professional Letterhead Doesn’t Matter?

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January 12, 2017
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January 24, 2017

Think Your Professional Letterhead Doesn’t Matter? 

Pulling a business and professional brand together involves some work. Your logo design makes up only one part of a complex number of elements that all work together to define your brand.

As a reminder, your brand is the promise you make to your customers, in terms of the product that you’re offering, what a customer can expect, and the personality of your business that sets it apart from every other business out there.

Since your brand is so tied up in every aspect of your professional life, every time you act on behalf of your business, you’re representing your brand. In the age of social media and emails, printed letterhead may not be at the top of your priority list – but consider the difference in the amount of email you receive in one day versus the number of letters. Personalization on this level sets you apart from the rest.

Business Personalization With Branded Letterhead

Communication is one of the key ways to expand your brand, whether that’s online, in-person, or elsewhere. Letterhead is the header at the top of a letter that includes the brand’s logo, name, and contact information.

Personalized letterhead is one way to ensure continuity when it comes to the message that you’re sending to others. Every post to social media, every time you speak with a customer, and every time that you send any information, you’re establishing your brand. From the beginning, you want to be sure that it 100% represents everything that you want it to.

There are additional perks besides unifying your brand why you should consider using personalized, branded letterhead in your small business.

  • Creates the impression of being larger than you are to grab bigger accounts or clients
  • Easily identifies exactly who the recipient is working with – with a quick and easy glance
  • Brings credibility to your brand and inspires creativity
  • Exposes your brand and bring greater brand awareness to what you’re doing
  • Reinforces your brand message and keeps branding consistent
  • Represents importance and urgency

Letterhead can also help your marketing dollars stretch just a little bit further. Think of how you can use letterhead to promote your business. Why not include a coupon code on your letterhead? This means, when you send a message, the recipient is even further encouraged to check out what you do, your offerings, and convert to a sale.

The biggest downside associated with letterhead is printing and the costs of printing, especially if you print a batch of letterhead and information changes. This can be mitigated with using your letterhead digitally, updating information often, and printing in small batches.

What should you consider when you’re creating letterhead? Don’t go crazy with design elements and keep it simple – you’ll want the information to shine and be complemented by the design. Important contact details should be included,  not necessarily all contact details. Don’t go font crazy! Use only two fonts at most in your letterhead design. Importantly, use your company colors! They’re as much a part of your brand as your logo design and font choice, so keep it professional!