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September 6, 2017
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The Thought Behind The Logo

An interview with Tom Lahat, Founder
and Head of Product

We sat down with Tom Lahat, our Head of Product and one of company’s founders, to discuss Tailor Brand’s now iconic logo and how this design came to be.

For those who aren’t familiar with our design, we feature our business name and icon in “Tailor Brands red” within two, clean lines that compose an equal and balanced format. The icon can be perceived as a pencil, diamond or heart, and some even see a bikini top!

Originally, our logo just consisted of our business name without the addition of an icon:

Old Tailor Brands Logo

According to Tom, the new logo came into use during 2016 as our brand image was slowly changing and our offerings were also expanding.

We want users to understand how much
heart and soul has been put into our brand

What was your inspiration for the revamped logo?

Tom: I wanted to create something unique, that would combine the values we stand for such as technology and creativity but still remain simple and easily recognizable.

We changed from just a logo maker to a branding and design service and we wanted to exemplify this within our logo. I think the font was a bit hard to read before since it was script so we simplified this for users and added the icon so the logo is recognizable and can be a stand-alone design.

Is the icon a pencil, a heart or both?

Tom: I believe that users see different images within the icon, including a pencil, diamond or heart. I created the icon to be ambiguous so you can engage with the design and develop your own perspective. I wanted the icon to be unique and it’s great that people can look at our design and see something different each time.

I chose the heart shape because I wanted something more inviting in order to emphasize the human thinking behind it and not just our algorithm.

Why did you only choose one color in the logo?

Tom: Yes, it’s easier for a brand to be identified with one main color. Our hue is reddish pink which is soft and easy on the eyes but still vibrant allowing it to be identified quickly.

How often do you think a company should rebrand?

Tom: There isn’t one answer for this, it really depends on what changes the company has made and if they need a rebrand due to a pivot in strategy. This can happen when a company changes their goals or values and wants to tell a different story.

This can also occur when you want to celebrate your current brand or you want to update, simplify or make a small change to modernize. Design really changes over time, so it’s essential to stay on trend and current with the times. Some companies change their logo every five years and there are others who never change. Neither is right or wrong, it just really depends on what fits your brand.

Do you believe Tailor Brand’s logo still exemplifies the company’s mission and culture?

Tom: Yes, I do. The new logo takes into account our expansion as a company and so far, we haven’t outgrown the design. This symbol works great with or without a business name and the icon and name can exist separately and still be identified.

Does a successful business need an icon-based logo?

Tom: An icon-based logo depends on the business, some amazing companies don’t even have an icon at all (like Dior, WeWork).

Some companies have a mascot – for some it works, others it depends on how this is used for your entire brand. Just stay true to your brand values and identity and you will see if it’s essential that you have an icon or mascot to be recognized.

Any advice for business owners when they are creating their logo?

Tom: Keep it simple, but simple doesn’t mean unsophisticated. When someone sees your logo for the first time, it’s their personal experience and you want to be remembered. There are many guidelines on how to create a logo and it is important to understand them before you dive in.

Every company needs to ask themselves: what works well for us? What is authentic?

What is the most important thing you would like someone who sees our logo to remember or take away from it?

Tom: When we talk about our company, we refer to AI, technological advancements, machine learning, etc. These are “big” words that we throw out there but we don’t want people to feel intimidated.

Our logo exemplifies the mixture of tech we build and the real people behind it. We want users to feel this and understand how much heart and soul has been put into our brand, as depicted by our icon.

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