14 Valentine’s Day Cards to Send to Anyone

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5 Lessons to Learn About Personal Branding
February 7, 2017
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Design Trends for 2017
February 14, 2017

14 Valentine’s Day Cards to Send to Anyone 


One of the best ways that you’re able to spice things up during the year is to create marketing and branding campaigns geared around holidays and events happening during the month. New Year’s is great for starting fresh and bringing attention to how any business owner can use this to start something fresh.

For February, Valentine’s Day is great for showing the love. This Valentine’s Day, Tailor Brands has uncovered some of the biggest trends in pop culture over the past year to create perfect Valentine’s Day cards to send to each and every person that you know.

Without further ado…

Pizza Valentine Card

Lemonade Valentine Card

Game of Thrones Valentine Card

Damn Daniel Valentine Card

Rory Gilmore Valentine Card

Kanye Valentine Card

Pokemon Valentine Card

Ghostbusters Valentine Card

Stranger Things Valentine Card

PB&J Valentine Card

Taylor Swift Valentine Card

Sock Valentine Card

Tomatoes Valentine Card

Snapchat Valentine Card

Shareable content like the ones above are a go-to for marketers, and there are so many ways to do these effectively – such as pairing with a promotion or customization that makes it a win. Big brands nationwide are great at using new and innovative means to draw attention to their businesses. For example, WestJet, an airline company, found two people shopping for engagement rings and flew them to Barbados for free, as long as they chose when they were able to propose and got to film the entire thing. Match.com and Starbucks once paired together to offer convenient first date experiences for those meeting on the dating website. Valentine’s Day can be a great holiday to bring branding attention to your business – or simple a way to pay it forward to your beloved customers.

So go ahead – save, write in who you want to send these cards to, and send! We can’t wait to see.