Tailor Brands: Why We Moved to Subscription

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Tailor Brands: Why We Moved to Subscription 

Tailor Brands has been a small business for a few years now (officially, since 2014), and we’ve grown a lot since then. We went from automated logo design to creating a logo editor to expanding our product offerings to include the branding items that any other small business might need. We know how growth goes since we’re there too. We’ve been able to help thousands of people start their dreams, spoken to hundreds of customers about what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong, and have even expanded our team to make it happen.

We’ve Learned From All of You

In May, we launched a new version of Tailor Brands that offered one-time Bundle purchases with the option to upgrade into a recurring payment model for services that we could offer on an unlimited basis. Our logo designer was updated as well. We’ve taken the time since May to listen to everyone that writes in to support, leaves a comment on social media, has responded to our surveys, and spoken with us over the phone.

What we’ve learned through all of this is:

Your brand is an ongoing development. It’s constantly growing and evolving, and you’ll have a lot of needs during this time. We want to be able to fill all of these needs and build a positive relationship with each and every customer that designs and uses Tailor Brands, for the entire time your brand is active.

The best way for us to fill this need is the step we’re taking in 2017. As of February 1st, we’ve moved to a complete subscription model, with even more value from our Bundles than you’ve ever experienced before. We’ll be actively working on improving and expanding these offerings for you, working with our customers every step of the way.

There are some additional benefits:

  • We’re able to provide more value to every Bundle and concentrate on ensuring every single product is the best it can be
  • You’ll always be able to access the resources you need, rather than be limited by the specific one-time purchase
  • Your marketing expenses can be tracked, without any surprises, and you know exactly what you’ll get
  • Develops a relationship with Tailor Brands beyond your initial purchase – we’re looking to make you happy always
  • We’ll constantly be improving our product offerings to provide recurring value to everyone that will be a part of our service
  • Tailor will align our business interests with what our customers want since you’ll be driving our business even more

We understand that this is a pretty big change, and we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for any of our users! Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] – we’ll be happy to explain what’s happening further and help you out with anything you may need!