What is Digital Asset Management (DAM)

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What is Digital Asset Management, and Can I Use It?

12th of August, 2017

The rise of cloud computing and storage solutions has led to the creation of brand new modes of technology. One of the most popular new tools is digital asset management (or DAM), a technology with a vague name but incredibly measurable value for any company. As businesses start to move to the cloud more frequently, it’s hard to ensure that all their important assets—media files, images, marketing materials, and more—can be accessed easily by everyone on their teams. With digital asset management, those worries are turning into a thing of the past.

Tailor Brands gives companies the ability to create, manage, and store their files on the cloud, which leads to an important question. Is Tailor Brands a DAM? If so, how can it help? To get to the bottom of these questions, it’s important to know what a DAM is first.

What is Digital Asset Management?

The short version is that DAM tools give companies a convenient place to store all their media. The longer version is slightly more complex. Digital asset management creates a cloud-based location for your company to store all your marketing materials and files. Furthermore, they also include systems that let companies make faster decisions, more easily store their files in an organized way, and share that media with the team members that need to access it.

DAM creates a structure for companies to handle and sort all their files in a unified way. Companies can choose how to store their files, access them, and even smaller details such as how they are named. The best part is that it’s no longer limited to your company’s local network. Thanks to cloud technology, DAM systems offer anyone with an internet connection the ability to work with, share, and access their data easily.

Is Tailor Brands a DAM?

Yes, it is. You could call this type of solution a brand asset management system, and Tailor Brands fits the definition almost to a T. The great things about Tailor Brands also include the characteristics that help it fit snugly into the brand DAM category. The first of these categories is storage. Tailor Brands’ entire service is based in the cloud, offering customers access to their existing logos and media files from anywhere in the world.

Second, DAMs allow companies to work on their marketing materials from a centralized location and efficiently store it in a structured way. Whenever you create a logo or store it, your final product and different options are safely kept in your account to be accessed and shared as you need them.

Finally, one of Tailor Brands’ greatest strengths is the ability to access different patterns, designs, images, and fonts that let you create truly unique logo designs. When you can handle these functions in one simple suite, your company’s marketing and business efforts are made incredibly uncomplicated.

What If I Run a Small Business? Can DAM Help Me?

DAM may sound like a solution for massive corporations and enterprise-level companies. With such a complex system for storage and communication, it should be incredibly costly to run for a small business. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. DAM systems can be custom-built and fit to any company size. At its core, DAM is just a technology system designed to simplify your company’s branding and business efforts.

Tailor Brands does not limit its services to large companies. In fact, with a suite of services and tools aimed at creation and planning, Tailor Brands represents an ideal way for small businesses to take advantage of DAM to fit their needs without having to pay the prohibitive costs enterprise level solutions command.

No matter your company’s size, Tailor Brands can help you successfully manage your logo creation and branding efforts by giving you an organized, central location to create and design unique logos and the branding campaigns that can make them soar. Get started today and discover how DAM systems like Tailor Brands can help optimize your business activities.