Why Tailor Brands Needed a Rebrand

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July 26, 2016
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Why Tailor Brands Needed a Rebrand

So, it was about time for Tailor Brands to rebrand. We talk to you a lot about logo design and small business branding (these are two things we try to help out with the most), but the time came when we looked at our own logo and how our business has changed since we launched almost two years ago, and realized that we needed a change.

Rebranding is common amongst businesses, especially those that have really evolved since their first go at branding, and most likely many of products, goods, and services that you regularly encounter are not the original logo design for that company. But, we digress. We’re here to talk about the Tailor Brands logo and website design, and why it was about time for a change.

Side by side comparison of old Tailor Brands logo and new logo.

Old versus new logo

When Tailor Brands started, according to Chief Designer Tom Lahat, “we didn’t know what we wanted to stand for, so we chose something that was related to design but still granted us the space to move around. We didn’t have a developed brand, but were looking for something to grow into and change as needed.” That’s also why Tailor Brands chose black for our logo since it’s pretty general and easy to work with.

Since Tailor Brands didn’t have a clear vision of the future when we launched, we needed something that conveyed good and fast design to the user in a visually cohesive manner. As three people in a basement, working to take an idea off of the ground, we needed something, and we needed something good as we were going to speak with investors and prove to our clients that they could trust us with their logo designs.

As Lahat notes, “As we grew as a company, we began to place meaning onto that old logo that we didn’t intend to have there at first. As our company culture and values have evolved, the logo was overdue to change as well, since the business we are now is not the same one that we designed two years ago.”

Pencil sketches of the new Tailor Brands logo
Initial pencil sketches for the new logo

So what about this new logo we’re putting forth? We know who we are a lot better now, and have refined a set of values we’re comfortable throwing our weight behind. Lahat came up with the new logo after taking the time to think about what Tailor Brands now believes in. Taking inspiration from other companies that share similar values but are outside our realm, we were able to create a visual brand we believe in.


Logo icon and signature elements for new logo

The first step in crafting this new logo was to move away from the typeface of our first design. It did not have a strong or really even readable typeface, and we wanted something that is bold and understandable. Brandon Grotesque did the job for our new logo design!

The next step was to create an identifiable icon that could stand on its own, that could represent Tailor Brands even if the text “Tailor Brands” was not present. This icon can be interpreted a few ways; combining a heart, the image of a pencil, and defined angles, these are all things that we stand for as a company.

Our color choice was determined by something that moved away from the black that we had been previously using, and red conveys boldness, youthfulness, and excitement in the branding world. Encouraging people to follow their small business dreams, adopt a new brand, and show it off is exactly what we look forward to on a daily basis, and what we’d love for people to get from using Tailor.

Examples of colors for the new Tailor Brands logo
Logo color samples for the Tailor Brands logo

With the launch of the Design Studio and the growth that we’ve been making as a company, it’s about time that we put the proper face on the company that we wanted to from the beginning. While the first brand was simply text and color, it worked for what we needed it for. Now that we’re beginning to create a new company language that not only shapes our design but how we interact with the world as a company as well.

Tailor Brands Design Studio Fonts

Tailor Brands Design Studio font

Rebranding can be intimidating but is also important for brands to do every once in a while. Lahat has some advice for any business looking to rebrand: “Think hard about why you want to rebrand and if it’s necessary. Don’t just rebrand because you’re tired of a color or you consider something to be a fad at that time. Your new visual brand will have a meaning, and this rebrand doesn’t come lightly!”