What top logo designers say about logo design?

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What top logo designers say about logo design?

Many people think of that making a logo is simply as part of the process of starting a business. While it is important to branding, some business owners don’t care what a logo is like, as long as it successfully identifies their products to consumers. However, creating a memorable logo takes time and thought. Some of the best minds in design don’t view logos as just a small part of business. Instead, these creators view their work as a blend of precise science and free-flowing art.

For legends such as Yasaburo Kuwayama and Paul Rand, design has become a way of life, and they’ve been able to distill their design philosophies into easy-to-follow steps that can help anyone create a beautiful and powerful logo for their brand. To craft the perfect image for your company, here are some of the ways you can learn from the greats and simplify your creative process.

Paul Rand and the Seven Step Test

Iconic graphic designer Paul Rand is famously known as a man of few words. Steve Jobs told the story of their initial interaction, and how Rand offered only a single option for a logo backed by over a hundred pages of branding details. How did Rand create such powerful images in one attempt? The answer lies in his design philosophy. Rand’s ideas have been distilled into seven questions that anyone can ask to see how well their logo stands up. To make sure your logo can be a timeless classic, it should answer the following:

  1. Is it distinctive?
  2. Is it visible?
  3. Is it adaptable?
  4. Is it memorable?
  5. Is it universal?
  6. Is it timeless?
  7. Is it simple? 

Some of these might seem contradictory, but a logo is limited real estate for communication, and you must guarantee your message comes through always. By attempting to fill these requirements, logos can become effective branding tools, and can create positive connections with consumers.

Think of the best, most iconic logos around. They all share one major characteristic: they’ve been stripped down to their most basic elements to create a unique, timeless feel. Designs such as Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches, Mercedes Benz’s three-pointed star are all easy to remember and visually striking. More important, they can be used in a variety of ways, with no need for tweaks or heavy work-arounds.

Yasaburo Kuwayama, the Master of Simplicity

While Rand may have revolutionized many companies’ images, one of the biggest sources of inspiration for designers continues to be Japanese luminary Yasaburo Kuwayama. The iconic logo curator published several books which expound on design, but more importantly feature hundreds of logo samples and inspiration.

The common element in all of them is how easy they are to illustrate, and how memorable even the simplest ones tend to be. Kuwayama’s inspirations tend to blend striking visuals with streamlined designs that can speak louder than words, and still be memorable for any viewer.

Logo Design and You, With the Experts’ Help

Applying these lessons can be harder than it seems. After all, finding the right balance of complexity, detail, simplicity, and adaptability can be tricky even for the pros. However, Tailor Brands’ logo maker and branding suite can help with intelligent technology and design.

Tailor Brands’s designer utilizes Paul Rand’s seven-step checklist every time it creates a new logo. Even if you’re not a designer, you can be sure that the logo Tailor Brands crafts for your business will be unique. Our branding tools incorporate Rand’s adaptability and recognizability, making sure that any logo you choose can be included in all your marketing, branding, and sales efforts. Moreover, with a focus on creating stylized yet simple designs, you can create the most timeless and memorable logos, without having to pay for years of design school.

With an eye to Kuwayama’s inspiration and Rand’s invaluable advice, Tailor Brands’ logo maker can help you design the right brand image. Try it out now and find the perfect design to represent your company and your brand!