Businesses That Are Killing the Social Media Game – Facebook & Twitter Edition 

December 29, 2016

Social media is crucial for any small business to use. Not only do most customers expect that a business will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, but social media is another place where customers can interact with your business, leading to increased conversions and sales. Social media isn’t just a passing fad, it’s a free marketing tool that provides insights about the way that others interact with your brand.

So, social media has taken on a life of its own as a powerful tool, with some rules governing its behavior. Twitter, for example, limits characters and appreciates brevity, while Instagram is completely image-focused and Facebook has more flexibility in its use. Each of these needs to be utilized in order to appeal to customers; according to one study, 53% of those who follow specific brands on social media consider themselves to be a lot more loyal to these brands. So its purpose is to attract an audience and retain them with content. Some brands are great at this! We’ll walk you through some specific channels and brands that are doing a great job and what you can learn!

Brands Doing Well on Social Media


L.L. Bean FacebookL.L. Bean 

Customer oriented, relevant to their brand, engaging, and hyper-informative

Bonobos FacebookBonobos

Appropriate brand advice, sales information, and a bright mix of their personality included

Southern Weddings FacebookSouthern Weddings Magazine 

Letting the authenticity of the South shine through by using real models, actual weddings, and weekly conversations with their fans.

Threadless FacebookThreadless

Threadless knows they have a younger clientele, which they appeal to by hosting contests and allowing users to vote on new shirt designs.

Nutella FacebookNutella

Video is important on Facebook, and Nutella has mixed feel-good stories with nostalgia and their products, racking up millions of views.

Burt's Bees FacebookBurt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees connects their products to Facebook, allowing for new launches on this platform and their millions of followers to directly purchase.

Tillamook FacebookTillamook

Humor brings people in, and recipes help them stay. A practical use for the products in a new, different manner – it’s a win!

Birchbox FacebookBirchbox

Facebook live is prevalently used by Birchbox, highlighting beauty tips and more to connect with audiences in real time.

Zappos FacebookZappos

One of the premier highlights of Zappos is their customer service. This carries over on their Facebook page, giving customers a place to go when they need help.

Oreos FacebookOreo

Using trending topics to make graphics and imagery that show their attention to detail and willingness to act on relevant topics.


Victoria's Secret TwitterVictoria’s Secret

Direct connection occurs with direct conversations with the brand through questions and answers, and provides important information about deals!

Innocent Drinks TwitterInnocent Drinks

Twitter isn’t just for promotion, it’s also for fun, which is what Innocent Drinks is known for. Fun content without an agenda most of the time, promo material some of the time.

Starbucks TwitterStarbucks

Engagement and various forms of media make a difference. This, with their expert hashtag campaigns, contributes to their millions of followers.

DiGiorno Pizza TwitterDiGiorno

Humor in 140 characters or less is DiGiorno’s specialty, relating current and pop culture events to hunger, emojis, and importantly, pizza.

McDonald's TwitterMcDonald’s

Social media is intended to encourage interaction between the business and the customers, and McDonald’s does this by offering some discounts and deals on Twitter exclusive to their followers.

Whole Foods TwitterWhole Foods

Social media isn’t fully intended for marketing, it’s about connecting with an audience. Whole Foods contributes by ensuring to educate their customers about the food they sell and recipes they can use.

Mars Curiosity Rover TwitterMars Curiosity

From the unique vantage point of Mars, Mars Curiosity humanizes its robotic nature with witticisms and images from space. It’s a worthwhile follow.

MTV TwitterMTV

By nature, MTV is a content-generating machine, and Twitter is used to supplement the promotion of these materials and have conversations with users around them. Connecting and engagement is done with humor and wit.

Warby Parker TwitterWarby Parker 

Contests and featuring customers works to keep users talking about, posting, and engaging with those who love their brand. A shot at fame is enough to keep anyone writing in!

Delta Airlines TwitterDelta Airlines

There are a lot of customer service issues that come through Twitter, and Delta responds with wit and grace. That is supplemented with great tweets and related content to keep everyone engaged.

While Facebook and Twitter are some of the more common platforms for engaging with audiences, businesses use social media as a premier form of customer engagement. However, that is only one of the ways that businesses can ensure that they’re working with their customers and create methods for recurring conversations. Stay tuned for our analysis of other channels coming soon!