Have You Begun Preparing For the 2016 Holiday Season?

November 10, 2016

For many seasonal and holiday marketing campaigns, there’s a lot of value in getting started, and getting started early. Small businesses have a lot of value in preparing their campaigns and being able to spring to action quickly should there be any setbacks associated with their marketing. As one of the biggest selling time for many businesses, the holiday season is the perfect time to offer discounts, participate in events, and increase the overall awareness of your brand before the new year ahead. This upcoming holiday season is bound to be one of the most influential ones yet, and there is no time to begin getting ready for what this means than right now!

Begin Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holidays represent a substantial portion of total sales for many businesses, and there are some smart and simple ways to capitalize on this further. Small and local businesses may think there is a long shot when compared with competing with some large box and chain stores, but with preparation and planning, can take a nice slice of the holiday pie for themselves.

  1. Take a look at your email list and begin building it up further. One of the key ways to promote during the holidays will be by posting to social media and advertising to your email list. Unfortunately, this will be the route that other businesses take as well. Considering how saturated email inboxes will likely become, building concentrated, strong, and targeted email campaigns will be important to cut through the noise and represent your small business interests. Begin now by collecting emails through social media, in your shop, or after anyone purchases from you. Loyal customers especially are likely to come back to your business over the holidays.
  2. Consider what you’ve already done this year that has worked – and build on this. During the year, it’s likely you’ve participated in events, social media, or sales that really worked to bring in revenue for your business. While there is value to exploring something completely new, you can definitely leverage these tried-and-true methods to get the most out of this season.
  3. Prepare your web presence for marketing and a larger visitor influx. When was the last time you took a look at the information on your social media profiles and business website? When was the last time you took a quality control sweep? Now is the time! Potential customers will be visiting these places when deciding whether or not to do business with you this season, and you’ll want all information to be updated, accurate, and easy to find. If you don’t have a website or social profiles, get one! Signing up and posting on these channels is always valuable. Don’t forget to check if your website is mobile friendly for users visiting on their devices.
  4. Consider what additional values you can bring to the table. Consider what your offerings are and consider what else you can bring to the table to beat out other stores. Can you provide a BOGO? Complimentary follow-up services? Free gift wrapping? What can you bring to the table that brings a little extra oomph to the table?
  5. Decorate! If you have a brick-and-mortar, take some time to celebrate and put up decorations to get in the holiday spirit. It may even be as simple as updating the font used in your email newsletter or social media posts to bring a little festivity to the table.
  6. Consider what items you can offer at a discount. Are there things you’ve been slow to push, services that are quick and popular, or items that can be upsold at a later date? These are the perfect items to be pushing at this time. Be sure that you have it all in stock! It would be a mistake to put something that you’re short of on sale and run out before the time is up. If you’ve done all the necessary ordering, you’re a step ahead!
  7. Consider partnerships with other small businesses! Maybe the best way to get in the spirit, bring something else to the table, and increase brand awareness is working with other small and local businesses. Offering package deals can be a great way to get people out in the community, develop relationships with other small business, and encourage other businesses to get involved in the holiday.

The holiday season offers you the perfect opportunity to engage customers and create new brand ambassadors by increasing the number of people that your brand appeals to. Take advantage of this now, and prepare your business for a successful 2017!