Businesses That Are Killing the Social Media Game – Instagram Edition 

January 03, 2017

At the beginning, anyone was hard-pressed to find information about Instagram that didn’t refer to the platform’s penchant for self-taken photos and pictures of brunch. But what started as a seemingly fickle platform has emerged as an essential part of any small business marketing strategy. Why? Because marketing is increasingly visual, and there are more and more platforms that exploit this fact, your business should also use images to represent your brand’s personality and remain on the top of the mind for those using these platforms.

What You Can Learn From Big Brand Instagrams

So what makes Instagram powerful for a business? Gorgeous visual imagery is one thing, but using this opportunity to showcase branded products, events, personality, and customers. No matter how large or small your brand is, you have something to highlight. Visually highlighting this and connecting with other customers will help you define your brand.

Below, we’re sharing 10 different businesses that are doing a great job on Instagram, and what they excel at:

WeWork InstagramWeWork 

WeWork’s product is shared workspaces, which they take the opportunity to showcase, but also use specialized hashtags for their events and highlight members that work in those spaces as well.

Shake Shack InstagramShake Shack 

People love food. People love food a lot. If your business has anything to do with food, you’ll want to showcase it. Shake Shack takes great images and encourages others eating their product to post to their feeds by reposting great burger pictures.

National Geographic InstagramNational Geographic

National Geographic was able to amass over 65 million followers by doing what they do best – posting the most beautiful pictures from all around the world. Combine this with regular contributors, you have a recipe for success. As an extension of their magazine, there’s consistent branding across the board.

Ben & Jerry's InstagramBen & Jerry’s

As one of the first brands to use targeted Instagram advertising, they were able to introduce new, exciting items with drool-worthy dessert images to capitalize on their offerings.

Photojojo InstagramPhotojojo

One of Photojojo’s main product offerings is the use of iPhone and other smartphone-related photography tools that is then used to highlight what their products are able to achieve, both from professionals and novice users.

Camp Brand Goods InstagramCamp Brand Goods 

Sometimes a product can be associated with a lifestyle, and visually showing a sample of that lifestyle rather than the product itself can be an indirect but effective means of marketing. In addition, free products are offered to users that engage with their brand hashtags.

Lorna Jane InstagramLorna Jane

We’ve said that Instagram is where you can showcase your brand’s personality, but how? Within a few moments, you know exactly who the target audience is for Lorna Jane through their images. By showing the kind of person they want to wear their clothes in combination with the clothes themselves helps define this.

Nike InstagramNike

Nike is an extremely well-known brand, which contributes to their success. But having followers is one thing, keeping them engaged is another. Celebrity spokespeople, inspirational stories, and high-quality campaigns work in tandem to keep users commenting, liking, and sharing.

Grand Central Station InstagramGrand Central Station

How does a building amass a following of over 80,000 followers? By taking advantage of all of the visitors that visit this site. Encouraging users to post their images and stories with a hashtag in order to be featured, the beauty of Grand Central Station is only the backdrop for the stories it inspires.

Chobani InstagramChobani

Yogurt is commonly considered a breakfast meal, which Chobani has already begun to shake up with innovative flavors. On Instagram, they provide some alternative ways to look at yogurt, including recipes that can be used any time of day, and relate this to upcoming holidays and seasons.

Inspired and ready to go on Instagram? You’re perfecting your brand with this step. Download the app, set up your account, and craft an intentional and meaningful bio that can tell your audience what it is that your brand is about. Personalize with your brand logo and include a link to your homepage. Then, get started creating and posting the images that will help cement your brand!