Businesses That Are Killing the Social Media Game – Pinterest & Snapchat Edition 

January 05, 2017

When it comes to the social media hierarchy, Pinterest and Snapchat often fall on the bottom. There’s a lot of research regarding the impact that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram online (and hey, we’re guilty of that ourselves…) but some of the other social media channels, namely, Pinterest and Snapchat, don’t have the dedicated following as others. Just because you may not have experience using these platforms or initially don’t find them useful for your small business, there is still value in exploring the social media options that can bring some important and useful perks to your marketing efforts.

What You Can Learn From Social Media

Pinterest works differently than other social media platforms by nature – it can bring increased inbound link traffic as images go viral, Pinterest users are shown to be deeply loyal to brands, and Pinterest can heavily influence purchasing decisions from those on there. Aimed at showcasing products, Pinterest is aimed at items and crafting. Snapchat, to the contrary, is intended to give a behind the scenes look at a business and can be key in reaching out to a different audience – a younger audience. With social media, the face of marketing and branding has changed, and there are so many resources literally at your fingertips to make it easier for you.

We’re highlighting a few business that do a really great job with Pinterest and Snapchat, including what you can learn!


L.L. Bean PinterestL.L. Bean

L.L. Bean uses their Pinterest boards to address a variety of topics, from holiday gifts to vintage pictures with L.L. Bean products, fun photos, and gifts for kids. While L.L. Bean is completely covered in these boards, they still bring fun to the table and give a reason to follow.

Etsy Pinterest


Etsy has managed the art of the category, organizing the products featured on their boards into commonly search items. For example, searching for items made in cities or broken down by holidays, making it easy to navigate.

Kraft PinterestKraft Recipes 

One of the more common reasons that users utilize Pinterest is for recipe inspiration. Using this to their advantage, Kraft has organized recipes in categories that people would be looking for, such as comfort food or holiday desserts. Including a Kraft product in their recipes makes it marketing without being overbearing.

Toms PinterestTOMS 

While known for their buy one, give one shoe program and other apparel products, that’s not totally the focus of their Pinterest page. TOMS posts many pins about DIY tutorials, including those around the home. While the product is not the same, their personality shines through and resonates with other people.

Norstrom PinterestNordstrom

Nordstrom connects mass with branding, with over 25,000 individual pins. With more associated with their account, there’s a high likelihood that someone else will stumble upon their pins, and as many that can have been linked back to the store to send users there.

Lowe's PinterestLowe’s

With dozens of boards, Lowe’s takes doing-it-yourself to a whole new level. Inspiration abound around home improvement and grilling – including their most popular board “Build It!” which is full of projects for over 3 million followers.

Importantly, each of the above brands does a great job of taking a component of their brand and expanding it. It’s not meant to be focused on only your products, but taking a step back and imagining how a customer can use your product or service through their everyday lives.


Sour Patch Kids

  • The first users of Snapchat were a lot younger than those of other social media platforms, and Sour Patch Kids took this opportunity to appeal to this demographic. By teaming up with influencers, or those with a large social media audience, for new video content to share on both of their platforms.


  • Like Pinterest, Snapchat is best used more as a way to show how a customer can incorporate your brand into their lives rather than push a product on them. Marriott uses their account for travel and what people can do when they travel (and thereby stay at their hotels).

Taco Bell

  • Taco Bell promotes their new products and offering by using Snapchat filters, which users personalize by placing them over their faces. This is a fun way to engage customers with their brand.

Teen Vogue

  • One of the things that Teen Vogue does well is the concept of a takeover, whereby they allow a celebrity access to their channel to post whatever they’d like. This gives their followers a look into very personal aspects of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, packaged with other aspects of interest to teenagers.

DJ Khaled

  • Storytelling is the major key on DJ Khaled’s success on Snapchat. Storytelling and his humorous way about it over years of usage have amassed him a gigantic following.

Both Pinterest and Snapchat are oftentimes underutilized by small businesses but are ultimately major players on social media and in the marketing realm. Have you thought about utilizing any of these platforms to market? If not, you’re missing out!