8 Tips To Prepare For Small Business Saturday

November 16, 2015


A small but powerful movement has been growing the past couple of years aimed at supporting local businesses in the community during the holiday season. Called Small Business Saturday, this event falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the largest purchasing days of the season. This year, it takes place on Saturday, November 28. The purpose is to move customers away from megastores with their mega sales and find out what the small businesses in the neighborhood have to offer during this time. As a thank you for ongoing support, these local businesses usually offer discounts and sales, keeping the vibrancy of the community alive while providing great deals for holiday gifts.

Small and locally owned businesses are a huge source of revenue in the United States and have contributed to an estimated 63% of new job growth since 1993. Not only is supporting these businesses linked to increased job growth and revenue, but it is a testament to the amount of time, effort, and commitment it takes to conceive a business idea, bring it to fruition, and sustain this for a long period of time. We don’t have to tell you this- you know what it’s like to work every day to see your idea succeed!

To help you jumpstart your planning for Small Business Saturday, we’ve developed some suggestions:

  • Make sure that your holiday plan includes Small Business Saturday instead of only the “traditional” days. You can help make this an ongoing day of sales!
  • Develop specific offers that only apply during the day of the event, even for a limited time.
  • Advertise your Small Business Saturday offers and deals in the days leading up to the event through in-store flyers, social media promotions, and newsletter specials.
  • Keep all hands on deck that day to make sure that all customers are helped quickly. Don’t discourage a customer from coming back on another day!
  • Promote unique and creative gifts or gift packages that customers would be unable to find online- only in your store during Small Business Saturday.
  • Work with other small businesses in your community to discover ways that you can promote one another. Everyone’s successes can help elevate one another!
  • Turn Small Business Saturday into a party. Maybe offer free treats or glasses of wine to people when they walk in the door. Let people know today is special. Include special gifts, coupons, or deals on Small Business Saturday aimed at use later in the year. For example, offer a 50% off code for use in 2016, only to those that made a purchase that day.

Take advantage of advance planning! Small Business Saturday brings billions of dollars into small business every year- and you shouldn’t miss out. Preparing in advance for this day can help maximize your profits and encourage customers to use your services over and over!