Tailor Made: New Directions With Bright Oyster

October 09, 2015

Crossroads are tough. We first encounter them as teenagers, when we feel the struggle between childhood and being adults. But crossroads tend to make appearances throughout our lives, e.g. which college course/ career I should follow? But after a few years of working many people find themselves questioning if they are on the right path and what’s next for them. That is exactly why Hilary Tracey started “Bright Oyster”, a personal and executive coaching consultancy that helps people maneuver through the crossroads in their life.
Coaching facilitates personal development, learning and performance Tracey explains, “Whether it’s due to their personal life or the changing workplace, people seem busier, and more stressed than ever. Sometimes it’s hard for them to simply take time out and focus on themselves, who they are, their values and their positive strengths – That is exactly what I do. I focus on helping people understand who they are, their motivations, what they enjoy in life and work and allow them to positively move forward through the crossroads with a clearer vision of themselves.”

Tracey has worked for 10 years in the corporate private sector and is a qualified coach. She has an advanced diploma in personal and executive coaching from Kingstown College, in Ireland, as well as first class Bachelor of Science in Psychology. But despite all of her success, she notes that creating her business took a bit of work, and a lot of it was about building a credible brand to back her accomplishments.

“Even if you have all of the qualifications in the world, you have to help people see them”, says Tracey, “My first task was creating a brand, which is actually how I stumbled upon Tailor Brands. Afterwards, I used Wix to create my website, and from there I had to focus on conveying my story right using my newly formed online presence”.

Tracey’s website now includes testimonials, alongside an active blog that allows Tracey to showcase her expertise. Her advice to businesses is to research their target market before making the first step: “Make your offering and services as focused and unique as possible,” she elaborates, “Also, focus on decision making, a crossroad will only remain a crossroad until you cross it.”

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