Tailor Made: Good Scents with Franks Fragrances

August 14, 2015

Candles. We all love them – they smell great and look great – and they’re a sign that you care about presentation, both seen and not. However, while most candles come in an albeit pleasing but standard jar, there’s definitely room for improvement. Francisco of Franks Fragrances is just one of those people, with a mission of trying to make both – what we see, and what we smell – better.

“Each candle is different, I hand pour each one,” he told me during the phone interview we had. Even though it was just on the phone, you can easily hear Francisco’s passion, and I’m left wondering how he manages to have any left after he pours it all away into his candles. That question, however, is easy to answer, it’s easily refilled by his drive of being a small business owner. Something that we’ve seen time and time again during our interviews, the drive to do something you love keeps you going, no matter what.

When asked about what he’s learned being in a small business, Francisco has a lot to share, especially when it comes to staying motivated. “Failing happens, but it’s about learning how to fix it that makes it key.” In fact, most our talk focused on how you shouldn’t take failure hard, as long as you learn from it. Just like we’ve learned in all of our talks, failure is a part of life, there’s no shame to it, and it’s almost key to helping a small business grow.

As always, we talked about branding, and Francisco was very intent on saying that it “should be a proper visual of the quality of the product you’re going to give to the consumer.”¬Ě Again, it’s all about what the consumer sees, and if your brand isn’t consistent with that, you’re not going to do well. Having a good brand that is coherent and consistent will make all the difference, and your customers will notice and appreciate it, even if they don’t say it.

What the customers do say, is that they love Frank’s Fragrances, and Francisco is working around the clock to meet demand. They love that everything is environmentally friendly¬†and that they can get personalized mason jars with each order. He’s also got several new releases for the fall, an entire new line of scents, one for each season. If you haven’t already, check out Frank’s Fragrances here, and definitely pick up a candle or two.

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