Tailor Made: Making Small Business Public Relations Big with Green Dot PR

August 7, 2015

Getting big experience at a small cost is something we can all get behind.

Darice Nagy of Green Dot Public Relations is offering just that in Pittsburgh, though that’s not a barrier for her to work with you. She offers full service, big agency experience at a fraction of the price to any client, big or small. It’s a growing market, with more and more small businesses opening every month, and when it comes time for them to get their PR in gear, “A lot of them can’t afford the big agencies they deserve, because they themselves just aren’t big enough yet,” says Darice.

Speaking of small business opportunities, there are plenty in Pittsburgh, and that’s where Darice’s business is headquartered. She sees a lot of smaller companies popping up, and they all need Public Relations support. Running a small business herself, she’s learned quite a bit: “Owning a business allows you to learn all of the different components and day-to-day tasks that makes a business tick, but work for yourself certainly doesn’t end each day at 5PM,” she said. Truer words couldn’t be spoken.

Given that she’s in the Public Relations space, Darice thinks branding is an “incredibly important and integral part of the PR process.” She didn’t even begin reaching out to potential clients until her branding and business cards were complete. We don’t know about you, but that screams dedication and commitment to branding to us. Coincidentally, that’s also one of her biggest points of advice she has for anyone looking to start a small business: “Have a brand that truly represents you, your personality, your expertise and your style. Your dedication to great branding will become the cherry on top of any successful business.”

We obviously agree!

While she’s excitedly focusing on her current clients, the future is most certainly not going to be small for Green Dot PR. Besides expanding her clientele, the time to add an employee or two is just around the corner as well, a milestone for any business. We expect the future of Green Dot Public Relations to be green, but with commas and not dots.

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