Tailor Made: Truly Personal Support with Hart’s PC Repair

July 31, 2015

Tech support. Saying those two words and seeing how someone responds can instantly tell you how old they are, and if they had a Dell computer growing up. I personally owe most of my technical skills today to learning how to fix things myself back then, because anything was better than calling in for technical support. As the years have passed, so has the quality of tech support, and a lot of companies are changing the experience and quality of our support.

Enter Paul Hart.

Paul is the owner of Hart’s PC Repair, a small business that specializes in taking care of your computers, remotely. From Paul himself: “Virus removal, data recovery, backups, we do it all”, and the best part: you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home, but neither do they. How did it get started? Paul had computer problems of his own a long time ago, and the support he received was remote, but it wasn’t very good. That’s when he realized he could offer a similar solution himself, but a much better one.

How specifically can you improve remote tech support? It’s about the customer relationship. “We have a friendship with our customers,” says Paul, and it’s something they strive for with every customer they obtain and keep. Branding comes into that as well. “If you’re going to put your business out there, you need a consistent brand for the world to see.” His site was actually just redesigned, all based around the logo he made with Tailor.

While good customer support is key, there’s a flip side, whether we like it or not. It’s something that Paul says was a key learning in being a small business owner. “You can’t make everyone happy.” As much as we may not like it, it’s a truth of any small business, you just can’t please everyone.

Though you can’t please everyone, there’s still room to improve. Even if you think you’re firing on all cylinders, you can absolutely eek out more performance, and that’s what’s next for Hart’s PC Repair. Paul is incredibly optimistic about where he’s going, and in his advice to other small business owners, he thinks one of the most important things is to keep that optimism, as there will be “slow days and fast days back to back.” That said, if your small business does need someone to take a look at their machines, it’s time to call Paul.

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