Tailor Made: Getting Online Fame with ORNG

November 12, 2015

Are you internet famous? Maybe you’ve got a few – or ten – thousand followers on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, and you’d like to actually do something with them, but how? Michael Gajda can help you with that. He’s the founder of ORNG, a company that helps bridge the divide between online fame and the traditional media world, like TV, movies, and radio. The reverse works too, if you’re a big name in the traditional world, but don’t have a digital presence, he can help you there as well. Michael isn’t your standard promotion firm. He has connections to almost all of the big movie companies, so it’s considerably easier for him to get someone featured. Working with all of that talent has its benefits as well. If someone needs to promote something, he can show it to 11 million people instantly – not an easy feat for most. Even better? That audience is the coveted “millennial” generation, a group that everyone wants to talk to. Why this industry? Michael says he’s been interested in media “since he was a child.” He’s learned everything necessary to run the business, from web development to marketing strategy, “It’s a company built out of passion.” Speaking of passion, that’s truly what he thinks running your own small business is about, specifically making life much happier and free he “can do the things I like with the people I like.” This is true for a lot of startup owners, but remember, “if you want to start something, then build something around it.”

However, just because you learn before you get into a small business, or you have a passion for it, it doesn’t mean the learning stops. Michael still learns all sorts of things on the job, with a recommendation to “do first and learn later,” his key advice point he has to offer other small business owners. It’s in line with what we hear often on Tailor Made. It’s often easier to move fast and seize the opportunity versus having a plan and missing everything entirely.

As for what’s next, it’s off to the states! Michael is planning to apply to Ycombinator, so he can further expand what he’s doing. Besides expansion, he’s obviously still interested in learning more, about the industry, but also anything related to tech. Development is still a key passion of his, and it’s something he continues to do both for work and for fun. However, his main operation is still ORNG, so if you’re looking to expand your internet fame, or vice-versa, give him a call!

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