Tailor Made: Holistic Beauty with Zen Jenn

June 29, 2016

Tailor Brands client ZEN JENN is a beauty and body care company based on founder Jennifer Hill’s vision of embodying a natural, holistic lifestyle. Even as a child, Jennifer was mixing up natural concoctions, experimenting with homemade facial toners and natural remedies before deciding to launch ZEN JENN. ZEN JENN’s products are built around engaging both body and mind.

“Lots of people are turning to a healthier lifestyle via fitness and nutrition which is amazing to see!” said Jennifer. “I believe that skincare is the third (but often forgotten) part of a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition, what you put inside your body will reflect your outward appearance. With skin care, what you put on your body will reflect on your insides. You may not see the effects immediately but could come up in later years. Your skin is a major toxin eliminator which keeps your organs healthy and running. If we pile all of these chemicals and preservatives on top of it, we keep it from doing its job. A sign of good healthy skin is an indicator of what’s going on inside. We are only given one body in this lifetime and it is our job to take care of it.”

Everything sold by ZEN JENN is made from scratch without synthetic dyes, preservatives, or fragrances. Jennifer, who has a habit of reading ingredient labels, kept seeing chemicals on the backs of skincare products from big names in the natural skincare industry that made her feel that these brands weren’t so natural after all. ZEN JENN’s ingredient lists are simple and everyone can understand them; Jennifer’s appreciation for the uncomplicated-yet-high-quality extended over into the formative stages of her business when she needed a logo. Jennifer chose Tailor Brands for logo design because the system made it easy for her to create her vision.

The logo design part was easy, but Jennifer, like many small business owners, faced a lot of other tasks when establishing her company. “It is scary! Some days have great highs and successes, like meeting with another brand to collaborate or getting a client for wholesale. Other days are overwhelming and stressful like when I just can’t get the right combination for a new product I am creating. It’s just a learning process every business owner goes through and I just learn to take the good with the bad,” she said.

“Don’t let the hard days discourage you. When you are starting a business from scratch it seems you only have money going out of the door instead of coming in! This can be daunting. Take one day at a time and don’t lose focus of what your brand represents and why you started.”

Jennifer finds inspiration in nature, magazines, painting, the creative process, and elements of nature.

Jennifer’s looking forward to expanding the ZEN JENN product line from skin care (body butter’s the most popular) to include makeup and responsibly sourced clothing, as well as using her business to support philanthropic causes, such as fighting multiple sclerosis.

Check out ZEN JENN at zen-jenn.com or on Instagram.