Creative Halloween Marketing Ideas

October 29, 2015

With the spookiest holiday of the year rapidly approaching, there are some ways to take advantage of Halloween in your business marketing. While Halloween is not traditionally known to drive customers, it’s still a billion dollar industry that people of all ages look forward to every year. As a result, you should take the opportunity to promote your brand and get involved in a prime marketing and branding opportunity. For small businesses, there may be limited options to explore marketing ideas, but we’ve compiled some easy tactics that you can utilize to bring in customers, even if you don’t sell candy or Halloween costumes.

Nontraditional Costume Contests
Many businesses incorporate costume contests into their Halloween marketing, especially if their product is something you can wear. How about taking it a step further by holding discounts or offering prizes to those that dress up your product with a tiny costume or incorporate your product into their Halloween decorations? Depending on your industry, you may find this type of creative marketing exactly what you need to engage with customers and push your marketing efforts forward.

Updated Halloween Branding
It’s your business, why not have fun with it? One quick and easy way to attract people to your company and your brand is to change it up. Start with your branding on social media, especially the banners. Changing your banners for the season are a great way to relate to the holiday itself or for the month of October. If you’re developing content for your clients, get in the spirit by relating it to the holiday. By creatively changing up your regular branding, you’ll show your customers the extra mile you’re willing to go for them!

Memorable Social Media Experiences
Nowadays, social media plays an immense role in the success and outcome of your business. Since everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, it’s important to ensure that your business stands out on these platforms. For Halloween, there are numerous ways to use social media to make your branding pop from the competition. Companies use games, countdowns, competitions, themes, and more to engage customers. Contests can be used around hashtags, shares, and likes to garner interest. Think of your social space as your digital storefront – don’t let it get ignored!

Consider Halloween “Bundling”
One of the best things about Halloween is how open-ended it can be. Unlike other holidays, there is no single component to Halloween that differentiates it from the others. This gives many small businesses the opportunity to bundle ideas into packages for a limited time. One classic example is retailer REI’s “Zombie Survival Guide“ package. It included important gear, as well as great advice for surviving the zombie apocalypse. This is the kind of marketing that encourages purchases and shares. Think about what you can do for your clients and give it a try.

Offer Special Gifts and Promotions
Holidays provide the perfect opportunity to reward your customers and attract new business. Use special coupons valid only on Halloween, or include a special gift when someone purchases on the day of, or even if they come into your shop with their costume on. This is usually one of the best ways to drive additional traffic to your website and get more people to visit your store. Remember, taking the extra step during Halloween can help prepare you for the remainder of the holiday season.

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