Does Your Business Have an Updated Website?

June 21, 2016


Tailor Brands has paired with Strikingly, to bring our customers high-quality websites for their business related needs. With custom domain names, analytics, a store, blog, social feed, and more, Strikingly websites are a great option for someone looking to create or update their business’s website. Get 11% off with code “tailorbrands11”.

Technology moves fast, and in the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of options available for a brand to get started on their online presence. Each of these tools provides different options for building a business, and what may have worked or been state of the art a bit ago may be outdated and wrong for your business now. Think of a website as you would your resume: the purpose and intent are exactly the same. You want to keep people informed and updated about what you’ve been up to, edit it to reflect any appropriate changes and provide a fresh coat of paint over something to help you stand out from the rest.

Refresh Your Brand With a New Website

But why should you worry about updating your website when you already have one? Isn’t something better than nothing? To be fair, not every brand will need to regularly update their website, and that’s okay. For many businesses, updating their website also comes with some serious perks that can be too important to ignore! But having your logo is only one step, and then next is ensuring that your brand is not only cohesive but the strongest it can be to attract business.

Wondering if it’s time to update your website?

  • How is your website’s ranking in search results? Search engine optimization is the tricks to format a website and keep it updated to show higher in search engine results. It’s not just coincidence that these businesses end up there! There is work involved, and your website may be lacking keywords, possessing a high bounce rate, missing internal linking, and more than can negatively affect your ability to appear where you’d like to in search results.
  • How accessible is your website to the modern user? As noted, technology is moving quickly! Older websites may not have some of the features that are now intuitive to a user of your website, or it may be taking too long for your site to load when quickness is key. If your website now lacks functionality, it is not doing anything to help your brand move forward. Or even worse, there may be features of your website that simply do not work any longer, which can be hugely problematic! For both individuals and small businesses, there’s a growing trend towards single page sites for personal branding, product landing pages, portfolio showcases and more. Why? Some benefits of “one-pagers” include simplicity for site creator and visitors, better experience for mobile visitors, a better format for storytelling, lower risk of broken links and slow loading. Since there are less links leading out of your page, you can keep visitors’ concentration high and unbroken by possible loading pauses and errors.
  • How well is someone on mobile or a tablet able to access your site?Smartphones are everywhere, and even if you’ve been able to hold out without one, it’s likely that many of the people trying to access your site will be doing so from their mobile device. Their experience will determine how likely they are to visit your site, visit your store, and recommend your site and products to others. Strikingly offers the opportunity to keep your mobile devices responsive. Back in April 2015, Google deemed that websites must be mobile-friendly if they want any hope of ranking well on its search engine. More people today access the Internet on mobile (over 50% and growing) than from desktop and chances are, that a large portion of your traffic is visiting your website from their smartphones and tablets. Make sure your site is optimized for mobile devices with Strikingly. All sites you build with Strikingly is mobile responsive, from tablet to phone.
Examples of a mobile friendly website
  • Are you able to update your website with ease? Is keeping your site updated difficult since it requires a lot of time and the features are confusing? Are there features that are completely outdated for what you’re trying to accomplish? Unless your site and products are complex, you should be able to have control over the basic functions of your site. Similarly, if the features that you have are outdated and things that you don’t see on other websites, then you should consider updating. With LinkedIn one-click and more impressively, their Smart Colors feature, AI pulls colors from your logo and automatically applies across the entire page so that your site has your branding colors without you putting in the work.
A color matching system provided by Strikingly
  • Do you have trouble retaining customers? One of the added value to many sites that people check over and over is inputting recurring value onto what is seen on a regular basis. When new, exciting, and visually appealing content is not being offered, then it will become difficult to keep users coming back to see what new services, goods, and products that you’re offering.
  • How does your website compare to your competitors? While you may have started your brand with one particular goal in mind, as you’ve gained new competitors, grown as a business, or even rebranded, you’ll want to take a closer look at the message that’s being sent about your business to your visitors. Since you look at your website regularly, consider asking someone who doesn’t what they get from your site. Is it the right message? If not, it’s worth it to consider a new design that isn’t lost in translation. One way to stand out is through the use of website videos. Full-width backgrounds videos have been a growing trend in website design. Adding a background video is a great and fast way to give your website a quick facelift. A dynamic video makes a strong impression on your visitors and creates an ambiance to a site. Especially for the creative crowd, a background video is also a way to show off your videography skills.
  • When was the last time you gave your content a good refresh? Not only should you be regularly updating the content on your website to provide valuable information and keep people coming back, but the popularity of alternative content, such as images and videos are extremely valuable. One great chance to do this is with the integration between Strikingly and Unsplash, integrating with Unsplash’s growing library of beautiful stock images to bring endless possibilities to your page. Search by keyword or color.
Unsplash integration with Strikingly

Your website is one of the strongest representations of your business for someone visiting you online, and should be treated as such! Simply having a domain will serve no purpose if you’re pushing your customers elsewhere, but having a state of the art website can help to combat that. Use the logo created on Tailor Brands and apply it to your updated website, and you’re on the road to creating a strong brand that can help bring in clients and help the success of your business!