10 Ways to Embrace Thanksgiving Marketing

November 01, 2016

After Halloween, one of the next biggest marketing campaigns surrounds Thanksgiving. Some of the benefits of Thanksgiving marketing are the general cultural associations surrounding the holiday. As noted in our previous blog on seasonal marketing, some holidays have more rigid rules and associations, and Thanksgiving marketing is usually catered around giving thanks. While you can (and should!) be creative with your Thanksgiving marketing campaign, now might not be the time to emphasize luck or patriotism, which are associated with other holidays. Giving thanks is the key emphasis of this holiday, and this can be weaved into your Thanksgiving marketing efforts in creative ways.

Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away, and how is the perfect time to implement a marketing campaign around the holiday. Just like cooking a Thanksgiving dinner takes preparation with many different side dishes, your Thanksgiving campaign should be multi-elemental around the bigger goal of bringing more attention to your brand. Below, we’ve compiled a brief list of some Thanksgiving marketing ideas that you can use to stay one step ahead.

Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas

  1. Take the time to express thanks to your customers.  Send an email or card to your customers for this – and take the time to send extra thanks to those that have been involved with your brand for a while.
  2. Address the humility of your brand by featuring the stories of your clients or highlight them using your product on your blog and social media channels.
  3. Offer a discount, deal, or promotion leading up to the holiday. Think ahead to the larger holiday season and perhaps offer items or services that you can upsell for during the winter holidays!
  4. Host a contest or competition around the best, funniest, sweetest, or craziest Thanksgiving holiday memory. This will engage your customers and encourage others to join in!
  5. Participate in a charity food drive or donate a portion of your proceeds to an organization. Part of Thanksgiving is giving back, and supporting a local or important cause can give any customer more incentive to interact with your brand.
  6. Integrate visuals in with your brand. Change your social media cover images and profile pictures. Decorate your store. Dress up your website. Include fun flyers with information on your products – get in the spirit and encourage others to also.
  7. Ask customers directly why they’re thankful for a product or service you’re offering and place anyone who responds in the running for a drawing for a giveaway. These can be used at another time as positive brand reviews.
  8. Host a Pinterest competition by encouraging users to create Thanksgiving themed boards related to your business.
  9. Share what you’re thankful for as a whole this season over the course of the seven days leading up to Thanksgiving.
  10. Offer a daily giveaway or deal in the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Does a customer take their chance waiting or jump on the day’s promotion? It leads to a sense of urgency.

Wondering what kinds of contests and competitions you can run? Some examples include social media engagement through submitting images or memories, a fitness competition, guess the weight or number or pumpkins, candy corn, etc., photo sweepstakes, poll participation, or trivia. Using football, turkey, cornucopia, and pumpkins to promote your events, campaigns, and contests will put anyone in the mood for a little Thanksgiving.

What are some of the exciting things you’re doing this upcoming Thanksgiving to promote your brand?