Holiday Cards For Small Business

November 09, 2015

Making Holiday Cards For Professional & Personal Use

November has just begun and with its arrival comes starts the rush towards Christmas. Make no mistake about it, the holiday season is well underway. Before Halloween even ended, stores began stocking their shelves with products aimed at Christmas and Hanukkah, and the second Thanksgiving ends, the Christmas music will play on a loop until New Year’s Eve. This just goes to show that it’s never too early to prepare for the holidays!

While the season may start earlier and earlier every year, you can still take your time and look just as prepared as the rest. Why not create unique Christmas cards using an online design tool, to give it that modern and different, yet personal pop? These cards can play multiple roles, from branding your business, creating additional marketing opportunities, or simply provide your loved ones with a uniquely personal card they can remember forever!

Holiday Cards For Small Business

For businesses, holiday cards can be a great way to reach out to your customers with deals, sales, holiday hour reminders, and more. It brings a personal flair to your marketing efforts that’s a step above the competition by making your customers feel like they are part of your extended family, and around this time of year, what strikes a chord better than that?

Just a few of the reasons to consider sending holiday cards to your customers include:

  • Making your customers feel invaluable to your business, because they are!
  • Personally thanking them for contributing to the success of your business over the past year.
  • A marketing tool to help them remember your business when it comes time for holiday shopping.
  • Opening the lines of communication with those who haven’t been active with your brand lately

One of the highlights for many people during the holiday season is sending and receiving cards from family and friends. Why not count yourself in with this crowd? Especially as a small business, you have the unique ability to make deeply personal connections with your customers. If you aren’t taking advantage of this relationship, now is the time to start.

Online design tools like Tailor Brands can help develop a fun holiday logo that brings your business’s personality to the table while offering season’s greetings, as well as important information. Just remember to get your cards in the mail early enough to ensure that your customers receive your card! If you aren’t sending physical cards, make sure your ecards go out with enough time so that your customers have plenty of time to do their holiday shopping with you, a great perk to get them in the door.

Holidays Cards For Personal Use

Just because you don’t own a business doesn’t mean you can’t send holiday cards to friends and family using online design tools like Tailor Brands. In fact, you have more options than ever using our service! Remember, the holiday card designs that are the most memorable are the ones that are completely personal and unique, something that’s truly yours. When reaching out to your loved ones this year, make something you’re proud of, but also something they’ll love! Check out your options before defaulting to your usual holiday card ideas…you may create something you’d never thought of or you can use the pre-made options that Tailor Brands has developed!